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Be A Valentine To Animals. Be Vegan.

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Be A Valentine To Animals. Be Vegan.

Protestors gather in the name of love for all.

#Live from Grand Central Terminal in New York City with March Of Silence NYC where protesters have peacefully gathered on #ValentinesDay to show that Veganism is love. They are silently demonstrating in solidarity with silenced voices around the globe with a message of love for non-humans and humans alike as well as exhibiting love for the planet.

March of Silence recognizes that human rights, animal liberation and creating one planet for all sentient beings is all the same battle. As Joaquin Phoenix just said in his speech after winning best actor at the Oscars, quoting his brother, River Phoenix, “Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow.”

Some of the messages, Peace begins on your plate, Can you be an animal lover and still eat animals, vegan is love, and love sustainable live vegan, all in alignment with the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.  Go to @v4veganism and New York Climate Save for more information. Dani Rukin reporting for #JaneUnChained News.

Animal lovers don’t eat animals.
March of Silence through NYC.
Food system change not climate change.
Peace begins on your plate.
Love for animals is what moves us.
Protesting outside Oyster bar restaurant. It’s not “seafood”, it’s sea life.



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