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Vegan Pastrami Maker Wows Shark Tank!

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Vegan Pastrami Maker Wows Shark Tank!

Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, who is now vegetarian,  just invested $250,000 in Jenny Goldfarb’s Unreal Deli... vegan pastrami that tastes like the real thing without the cholesterol or climate damage! With pastrami makers in her lineage, this dynamic Los Angeles mom of 3, wife and entrepreneur decided to reinvent pastrami by whipping out a delicious vegan version! It’s got only 50 calories an ounce! 

#JaneUnChained was honored to be the only media outlet in the Goldfarb home with Jenny, her vegan hubby and their 3 adorable vegan children as she appeared on television, delivering a bravura performance as she wowed the shark tankers. Watch the show below and order now by clicking here!

plant-based pastrami with vegan cheese!
Plant-based pastrami with vegan cheese on rye! Fulfilling without… (do the rest, it rhymes)
this is the package that can be delivered to your home
You can order Unreal Corned Beef to be delivered right to your doorstep at unrealdeli.com
this is a sample of the vegan pastrami in a sandwich
This vegan pastrami sandwich delivers the same comfort without the cholesterol, calories, climate change or cruelty!
this is the product on a serving tray
What a spread! Order now at: unrealdeli.com
photo of the owner of UnRealDeli
Mrs Goldfarb is reinventing traditions to make them healthier for you, the planet and, yes, the animals too!
this is a photo of Mrs Goldfarb's ancestors
From Mrs Goldfarb’s website: “My Great Grandpa, Morris Gross (middle), emigrated from Romania, started his work as a dishwasher, ultimately coming to own & operate several delis in NYC.  The taste of NY deli meat has always been in my blood, but after moving to California in 2011, I took on a more vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Still, I never lost the taste for the delicious flavors of NY deli, so I hustled to develop and perfect a 100% plant-based (unreal) Corned Beef.”

Below is product info from the Unreal Deli website:

*100% plant-based

*animal free

*cholesterol free

*nitrate free




Corned Beef, that happens to be exceptionally delicious, made from the best stuff on Earth (beets, chickpeas, tomatoes, oh my!)….

People from all around agree it tastes as good, if not even better than the real thing, and most people who eat it, without being told, can’t even tell the difference!



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