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Watch What Happens When Some Florida Residents Say: I’m Mad As Hell and You Will Listen to Me!

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Watch What Happens When Some Florida Residents Say: I’m Mad As Hell and You Will Listen to Me!

Watch drama ensue as Florida residents struggle to be heard in their battle against a proposed lab monkey breeding facility in Hendry County, Florida. Residents – represented by ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund) – have gone to court arguing the county’s secret approval of the controversial facility was in violation of Florida’s Sunshine Law and therefore illegal. A judge agreed the suit can go forward. Watch what happens when Florida residents show up at Hendry County offices demanding answers. Here’s the link to a News-Press story that contains the ALDF lawsuit, the company’s statement and Hendry County’s statement. And, go to Facebook page: “Put An End to Hendry County Monkey Facility” to get involved.
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  • Hi Jane, Several of us are going to Clewiston tomorrow for the County Commission Meeting to try and get more answers. I notified Dave Elias at NBC-2 about the meeting and our attendance.
    This was a GREAT piece you put together. !! Were you able to find out who paid for the chopper which followed us last week? It costs thousands to put one of those things in the air and either the TAXPAYERS or the monkey people were footing the bill.
    Thanks for supporting us AND the monkeys !

  • Hi Jane – I listened with interest to your recent interview with ALDF concerning the monkeys being shipped into southwest Florida to a company named Primera, that is trying to start a monkey breeding facility there. You had mentioned in your interview that you were wondering where these monkeys came from. It made me think of the article I read by Animal Defenders International on this subject. I am enclosing a link to the article. They said that one of the biggest suppliers of lab monkeys worldwide is the tropical island Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. They talk about some horrific practices happening to these monkeys in a facility called Biodia. They mention in this article that Air France is a big link in the transport of these monkeys to other countries for lab experimentation. They also mentioned a partner of the company Biodia that is in the USA called Prelabs and that they had plans to establish the first Mauritius breeding colony in Labelle, Florida. Labelle, Florida is in the same area that was discussed in your interview with ALDF. Perhaps the monkeys that are being shipped into Hendry County, Florida are from the island of Mauritius. I do appreciate your care and concern for this issue and these poor, innocent monkeys. Thank you for your coverage of this and I hope that any attempts to start this breeding facility will end soon. I am very upset that this is happening as I hate to see this abuse and mistreatment happen to these monkeys. Thanks again for your coverage. Please let me know if this helps. Here is the link to the article by ADI:

  • How dare Hendry County think they can do this and get away with it. Shame on them.

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