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Don’t Miss the Ottawa Vegan Film Festival! The First of its Kind!

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Don’t Miss the Ottawa Vegan Film Festival! The First of its Kind!


#JaneUnchained Dan & Sheanne Moskaluk aka Indian Rock Vegans live in Ottawa with the director of the upcoming #OttawaInternationalVeganFilmFestival, Shawn Stratton. The festival is happening on October 14th, 2018 in Ottawa.  This is the first ever vegan film genre festival of its kind in the world, to date, with an international selection of films, and the festival panel of judges will be making their choices.

Shawn explains that their will be a variety of films featured at the festival from horrifying to feel-good films. Dan and Sheanne are actually part of the documentary film “Eating you Alive,” which they hope will also be added to the list of films featured in the festival. The plan is to show people these films, educate them about the animal suffering, animal rights, and inspire them to change. This is also a great event for the vegan community to come together and be around like-minded individuals, while furthering the mission to make the whole world vegan.

In fact, Shawn, his wife and three adorable children are vegan. His wife is a physician, and since she transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle, she has shifted her medical treatment to preventative medicine, which is absolutely amazing! It’s all about education and the younger we can teach people, the better off they will be in all aspects of their lives!

Please don’t miss this festival if you are able to go… The animals, the planet, and our species are relying on us to attend, promote, and make events like these successful!


To get more information about the Ottawa International Film Festival please visit the website:


And check out Indian Rock Vegans Facebook Page:


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Video work by Dan Moskaluk


Dan and Sheanne Moskaluk enjoying a plant based smoothie. what a beautifully vibrant vegan couple! Photo: Eating You Alive Website
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