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Plant-Based Burgers on the Fly at LAX??

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Plant-Based Burgers on the Fly at LAX??


#JaneUnChained LIVE at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California about to take off for Europe and, guess what, the 100% made from plants  Impossible Burger is available in Terminal 2 at Built Custom Burgers! Yay! And, were told, it is selling like crazy! Check it out! It’s delish! The world is changing.

Yes you heard it right everyone! The plant-based Impossible burger is now available at LAX in Terminal 2. Please make sure to skip the mayo and the cheese and you too can have plant-based perfection on the fly! Check out how that burger looks! No wonder they advertise it as a delicious burger made from plants “for meat lovers.” We bet you can’t tell the difference!

It is so amazing that now there are plant-based options in airports where there weren’t previously at all. This burger is also selling extremely well for this business, so we love seeing consumers are get with the times and supporting the demand for plant-based options. Today   That Snarky Vegan Girl ‘s keen eye for vegan options paid off, and she and Jane were able to get big juicy Impossible Food burgers! Thank you Custom Built Burgers for offering plant-based options with plenty of fixin’s!

Please stay tuned for our #JaneUnChainedBerlin coverage! Berlin, Germany is one of the world’s top vegan cities! You’re going to feel like you’re there!


Jane Velez-Mitchell and That Snarky Vegan Girl on Facebook reporting from LAX.

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Report edited by Ellen Dent.


The Impossible Foods burger patty now available in Terminal 2 lax. Thank you Built Custom Burgers!!! Photo Courtesy of the Built Custom Burgers website.


The sign advertising this wonderful plant-based burger option at Built Custom Burgers in Terminal 2 at LAX. Photo: Jane-Velez Mitchell
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