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Who You Calling Old?? World’s Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant!

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Who You Calling Old?? World’s Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant!


#JaneUnChainedEUROPE LIVE at Haus Hiltl! This is the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant and it’s right in the center of Zürich, Switzerland! Founded in 1898 by Ambrosius Hiltl, it is listed in the Guinness World Records and is proudly run by the fourth generation of the family! It now has a number of locations but this is the flagship! Wow! While not entirely vegan, it has tons of vegan options marked by a “V” in a leafy form! That includes vegan margarine! Hiltl is famous for its astounding buffet, open 365 days a year. Let’s check it out!


Don’t let Hitl trick you with it’s contemporary sign.


All you have to do at this buffet-style restaurant is fill up your plate with amazing food and they will weigh your plate at the checkout. This restaurant has a huge array of options for any vegan to choose from. Everything looks so appetizing and Jane is trying to avoid having a 100lb plate! Hiltl sure doesn’t look anywhere near its age on the inside, with its updated rustic yet modern design.


The seating wraps all the way around the building so don’t worry we saved a spot for you!


Thinking they must’ve had a remodel or 2 to look this good after 120 yrs!


This restaurant has plenty of space for its diners and it has a giant outdoor seating area that wraps around the building! Can we please get upscale vegan buffets in America now?? We don’t have any we know of any yet, but if you are ever in Zurich be sure to stop by Hiltl and try their vegan mac and cheese, onion rings, and tofu tikka masala! This place is sure to satiate almost any of your vegan cravings!


Hop on this cool metro and get over to Hiltl for some vegan eats!


Wow to think that Ambrosius who started this restaurant 120 years ago had the insight and or compassion to leave meat out of their restaurant.


Did we die and go to bread heaven??


The possibilities are wall to wall at this restaurant and oh so inviting.


Try to choose just one item… We dare you!


These dishes look so inviting!


Don’t forget to eat your greens amongst all these amazing options!


Did we die and go to bread heaven??


Pasta should be a staple at every restaurant!


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The Guinness seal of approval. This place is old but well seasoned.


Closeup so you can read the words, hopefully.


Beluga? Caviar? Nope they use lentils so it’s cruelty-free!


Jane Velez-Mitchell Reporting LIVE for #JaneUnChainedEUROPE.

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

Photos by Jane Velez-Mitchell




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