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Breaking News!!! LA City Council Bans Fur Sales!

Breaking News!!! LA City Council Bans Fur Sales!

Breaking News!!!!! LOS ANGELES HAS BANNED THE SALE OF FUR!!!!!! #JaneUnChained LIVE for the celebration after the crucial vote to BAN FUR sales in Los Angeles!  Maggie Q, Jade Nicole, Tony Kanal, and Joana Krupa were a few of the celebrities that came out in support of the fur ban that could spell the complete collapse of this cruel, medieval and utterly unnecessary industry that tortures and kills so many foxes, monks, rabbits, coyotes, and other animals! Councilmember Paul Koretz proposed the ban and councilmembers Mitch O’Farrell and Bob Blumenfield  were instrumental in the unanimous approval. There will be a three year phase out in which the companies that sell fur will be allowed to make the necessary changes to stop selling new fur products. It will also prohibit the farming of animals for fur in Los Angeles.  One issue these legislators all agree upon is that the fur industry does not treat animals humanely, and we can only hope that huge victories like these will extend to all living beings one day!

#JaneUnChained was at a news conference with a coalition of groups including PETA and Animal Hope and Wellness, prior to the vote! It was amazing to see so many groups in the animal rights community come together. Charitable groups are stronger if they work together and support each other!  Today was an example of that unity achieving a huge victory for fur bearing animals!

Council member Paul Koretz makes a point to say that fur is purely done for fashion, and it is a cruel and unacceptable practice. He says that there are many cruelty-free materials that can be used instead of an animal’s fur. He says this ban is just the first step in the right direction and more issues involving animal cruelty will be sure to follow.

Jane captures the moment live: the unanimous vote in favor of a fur sale ban. Excitement erupts in the crowd as soon as the ban is announced and supporters are overcome with emotion as they convey their feelings! This is one victory for the animals and we cannot wait to see many more follow!

#JaneUnChained is LIVE celebrating the Los Angeles City Council’s unanimous vote to BAN FUR SALES in the City of Los Angeles, California. This is an EPIC policy change that is bound to ripple across the world!

Following the lead of West Hollywood, California, Berkeley and San Francisco, California, banning fur is being on the right side of history! This celebration took place at Au Lac DTLA, a fabulous all-vegan restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles, after the vote. Many of the team celebrated National Burger Day, also today, by ordering the Au Lac special burger with a Beyond Meat burger patty. You can also top it with a vegan fried egg and veggie bacon to make it even more over the top good! 

So many individuals and organizations worked together to make this happen. Councilmen Bob Blumenfield and Paul Koretz led the way. Marc Ching of the Animal Hope and Wellness organization provided crucial footage of fur bearing animals being skinned alive to make the cruelty case and PETA was, as always, right there with organizational support! Stars, including Mission: Impossible III actress Maggie Q, model Joanna Krupa and musician Tony Kanal, lent their voices to the effort and appeared at the news conference prior to the vote!

Councilmember Bob Blumenfield speaks in support of the fur ban with fellow councilmember Paul Koretz by his side.

Mark Ching, the founder of Animal Hope and Wellness and the group Animal Hope in Legislation, explained his experience visiting fur farms. He has seen the awful treatment of these animals. Ching describes the agonizing screams of a fox being skinned alive. He and his team have done so much hard work to make this campaign to ban fur a success!

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Tony Kanal speaks up in support of the fur ban and thanks Animal Hope and Wellness for their work making this day possible.
The future is here. And this little boy in his oversized Fur Free LA shirt is the hope of the future for children and animals in a world with less cruelty.
The council members in this beautiful meeting chamber.
LA City Councilman Paul Koretz speaks powerfully on behalf of the animals who are tortured and killed  to make fashion statements.
It was a sea of red, worn in support of the fur ban this day!
Patty Shenker (left) is the woman who coined the phrase “Peace begins on your plate.” She, and other pro fur ban activists, wait in suspense at Los Angeles City Hall for the outcome of the vote. They would not be disappointed! It was unanimous!
Activists gather to chant and celebrate this historic moment in the animal rights movement.
All smiles in the crowd after the fur ban bill passes unanimously by the city council.
Wear your own skin! Activists line up for a group photo in celebration after the LA fur ban passes!
More group photos as the pro-fur ban attendees celebrate this momentous day!
Jane getting an interview with an activist after the historic approval of the Los Angeles Fur Ban.
Jane going live at LA City Hall. Everyone was smiling after the vote!
The celebration at Au Lac, a gourmet vegan restaurant across from Disney Hall in downtown LA, after this amazing victory for the animals!

Jane Velez-Mitchell, Paige Parsons Roache, and Lisa Karlan report.

Photo by: Jane Velez-Mitchell and contributors Paige Parsons Roache, Renée Marinkovich, and Ellen Dent.

Boomer Jr. is out fully stickered in support of the fur ban. After all it’s his fur and not ours! Photo by: Sarah Segal

Photos by: Chef Ito

Supporters of the fur ban line the stairs of Los Angeles City Hall in support of the fur ban!
City Council members pose with many of the leaders, celebrities, and voices of the animal rights community after the historical vote!


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