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Fun for All at The California Vegetarian Food Festival!

Fun for All at The California Vegetarian Food Festival!

#JaneUnChained LIVE at California Vegetarian Food Festival at Raleigh Studios in Los Angeles, California near Hollywood, California where Jane Velez-Mitchell is teaching how to use your cellphone to save the lives of animals! Are you ready to become a journalist for voiceless animals? Yes you heard right. You can use your cell phone to save lives just by sharing. Jane explains that we can’t rely on the media so we need to become the media. We have to report the news that the mainstream media news will not. This is the reason Jane started the Jane Unchained News Network on Facebook!

Jane getting an interview with an activist after the historical passing of the Los Angeles Fur Ban.

All it takes is one image or one video to help others change.  Just by sharing the truth you can help others make changes in their lives that will effect the lives of countless others. If we all shared the truth, there is no telling how we could change the world!

Jane using her stabilizer to film everywhere she can and you can too!

You can use a tool called a stabilizer to make smooth professional video. The steadiness and the audio quality while filming are essential. Advertisements fill our lives with images encouraging us to eat violence in the form of animal products. We need to share just as much of the truth on our social media to counter their advertisements. If we can saturate social media with the truth, we can normalize veganism. All you need is that camera on your cell phone and to hit that share button to do your part to save the world!

Jane Velez-MItchell reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.

Camerawork by That Snarky Vegan Girl.

#JaneUnChained LIVE at the California Vegetarian Food Festival with FullyRaw Kristina! Great advice for going 100% plant-based and raw! She has been fully raw for over 13 years! She was diagnosed with diabetes at the young age fifteen. When she was 18 and very sick she met a man in the grocery store named John Rose. He had raw for 18 years and he asked her about her diet choices. He challenged her to eat only her favorite fruit, peaches, for two weeks and see how she felt. So she left with more peaches than she weighed at the time, and she completed the challenge.
FullyRaw Kristina posing with her book which can teach you how to live a raw vegan lifestyle! Photo: Sarah Segal
She had never felt better. Her diabetes calmed down and she gained a few pounds which was great for her! Kristina explains how she eats a fully raw diet. Eating raw fruits and vegetables can heal the body and she’s here to tell us how to do it!


Check out her YouTube for helpful videos
Follow Kristina on Facebook and Instagram


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Revive Kombucha is so good. The hibiscus is a must-try flavor!
The California Vegetarian Food Festival was good fun for everyone this past weekend. They had so many diverse vendors and activities for the whole family, including a bounce house for the kids to tire themselves out on. They also had amazing retail vendors like Jada Spices Chicken Salt (Vegan), Veggie Dome, Revive Kombucha, Owyn Protein, Untamed Hearts Jewelry and bagsand Topo Chico with their amazing volcanic mineral water! We would never forget the food. There were so many amazing food vendors for Cena, Cinnaholic, and The Donuttery! There were also great nonprofits in attendance like Mercy for Animals, Compassion Over Killing, and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.
The amazing cruelty free animal inspired jewelry and bags at the Untamed Hearts booth.
The beautiful tote Sarah bought from Untamed Hearts. A cruelty-free world is possible! Photo: Sarah Segal


The vendors were nonstop from healthy energy bars like R.e.d.d., Kevita Kombucha, and Saucy Lips sauces. Denise, the founder of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, and Gary came all the way from North Carolina! Most of us are aware that North Carolina was devastated by Hurricane Florence and millions of farm animals were left for dead. Jane has done several stories about what happened to the animals during Hurricane Florence and featured stories including Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. They are asking us to speak to our friends, family members, and anyone who will listen, to let them know that what is happening to these animals is not sustainable or humane. Brother Wolf began as a dog and cat rescue but not they have transitioned to a rescue for all animals including farm animals. They are asking other dog and cat rescues to raise their efforts to save all animals as well.
It was wall to wall vendors at this festival. Something for everyone!
The California Vegetarian Food Festival truly had a variety for everyone. There was plenty of shopping, food offerings, and information from several charities to learn how to help. We can’t wait to do it again next year and we hope to see you there!

Sarah Segal reports for

Report Edited by Ellen Dent.

Nachos without the cruelty from the ever so popular Cena Vegan. Photo: Sarah Segal


Don’t forget to save room for dessert at the delicious Cinnaholic custom cinnamon roll booth!
Take some time to meditate, or do exercises in between the food and fun!
There was chanting, dancing, yoga, and mediation in this zone.
Awesome activism gear was also on sale!
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