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From Vegan Taco Truck to Brick-and-Mortar Restaurant!

From Vegan Taco Truck to Brick-and-Mortar Restaurant!

Mi Vegana Madre is open and ready for business. Check them out when you’re in Glendale, Arizona!
#JaneUnChained #LIVE at Mi Vegana Madre vegan restaurant in Glendale, Arizona. “Vegan truck turned brick-and-mortar restaurant, at this space starting summer 2018. Serves Mexican vegan food, particularly tacos of different flavors made using seasoned soy, gluten, and/or nuts served with salsa and toppings. Also on the menu are nachos and aqua frescas.”
A pre-vegan would not know there wasn’t meat in these tacos. Bring them here!
Mi Vegana Madre is a family-owned shop run by José and Leti, a husband and wife team who went vegan for the animals. José explains that his connection to his dog, Rex, led him to connect with all animals and realize that hurting any animal is wrong. José explains animals are just like us. They want love, food, shelter, compassion, and to live. He says making the transition to veganism was for the best for him and his family.
They have come a long way from having four items on the menu!
When they first opened this past June, they borrowed tables and chairs and only had four tacos on the menu. This restaurant has already grown so much. The menu has a whole array of items to choose from. José recommends the menudo and the carne asada torta. Please stop by Mi Vegana Madre next time you are in the Glendale, Arizona area. Support a vegan small business and this wonderful family who has worked so hard to make this business for the best reason of all, the animals.
Just in case you didn’t fill up on tacos, there is a whole case of vegan cookies for you to try!

Check out Mi Vegana Madre on Yelp! 

5835 W Palmaire Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

(623) 934-0358

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Ellen Dent reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.
This restaurant is a perfect casual comfortable spot to bring all of your family and friends!
Get your Mi Vegana Madre tank to represent wherever you go!
This restaurant is run by the whole family. You can see the owners cooking in the back!
One burrito would have been enough but we had to have two!
They have a whole rack of apparel to share your love for veggies with the world!
They aren’t kidding when they say 100% vegan. Animal product-free zone ahead!
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