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Vurger Guyz: A Burger Like No Other!

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Vurger Guyz: A Burger Like No Other!

#LunchBreakLIVE at the amazing vegan food truck Vurger Guyz, currently at Figueroa and 9th Street! Today we taste test their amazing vegan burgers, sweet potato fries and plant-based tacos! We talk to the owners Kendall Patterson, Philip Bennett and Nadeem Outler! Taste testers Kenziah Rubens & Sarah Segal give you the lowdown!

The Owners say “Vurger Guyz was founded in 2018 as a project to promote healthy eating while still providing a great taste to its customers. Our Food Truck is currently serving Los Angeles, CA. With the majority of the owners being former athletes, health had always been a huge part of their lives. In recent years they have had their eyes opened to how important nutrition can be and the benefits that a vegan lifestyle can provide. This sparked the idea to create a menu that allows people to stick to that vegan diet while still holding on to some of the great tastes that the owners originally thought they would be missing by going vegan.

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Our mission is simple, changing lives one bite at a time! ALL of our products come with a One Bite Warranty! If you take one bite and don’t like it, your meal is on US! ALL products are 100% plant based cooked in Avocado and Rice Bran Oils. Come get #Vurgerfied today!”

Kenzaih, Rubens, Jane Velez-Mitchell, One of the owners, Sarah, Segal
One of the many delicious burgers at Vurger Guyz!
Or tacos if you prefer!
The Santa Fe Burger!
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