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Family Dinner with Vegan Attorney Extraordinaire Lisa Bloom!

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Family Dinner with Vegan Attorney Extraordinaire Lisa Bloom!

Lisa and Antoinette are all smiles preparing this family meal!

Esteemed Attorney Lisa Bloom alongside daughter, Sarah Bloom, teach Antoinette Westcott how to make their family dinner night dish Hearty Vegan Pasta Marinara with garlic bread on #OneVeggieAtATime and guest cameo Braden Pollock.

Chloe’s recipe for garlic bread is the perfect accompaniment to this homemade meal.

Lisa fights for the rights of victims of discrimination, harassment, and abuse. She goes after the bad guys who hurt these victims for any reason they have been harmed. The Bloom Firm is a family run firm based in Los Angeles and New York City. Sarah, her daughter, is an attorney in their firm too! Braden, her husband, also helps guide Lisa’s decisions at the firm and is her all around her partner in life. They also enjoy traveling and using the Happy Cow application in order to find amazing vegan food around the world. Vietnam and India are Lisa’s top vegan-friendly countries she’s traveled too. Not only is she a kick ass lawyer and boss, she is also “#Vegan AF.” Could she be any better than she is? We don’t think so!

Time to break bread together!

Sarah Bloom shows us how to make amazing garlic bread with Chef Chloe Coscarelli’s recipe. It smells so good while the chopped garlic is melting into the butter that Antoinette and Lisa can’t help themselves as they waft all the aromas in. While the bread is baking, it’s time to make the homemade pasta sauce. Lisa says you should try to eat organic produce because pesticides are simply not good for you and they don’t wash off completely. Lisa uses mostly canned tomatoes because they have been said to be better for you with a nutrient the nutrient lycopene, which is found in canned varieties. Antoinette tries the pasta when it’s done and says it is so good. Try making it at home for your family and friends with Lisa’s recipe below!

The two loves of Lisa’s life, her husband Braden and her daughter Sarah.

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Photos and camerawork by Eric Faison.

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

Their dogs look like they are ready for some pasta too!

Lisa’s Homemade Marinara Sauce and Pasta! 

A few T Olive oil
A few cloves of garlic
Half an onion
A cup of TVP
Trader Joe’s Marinara
fresh basil
a cup of mushrooms
a nice ripe tomato
a few T tamari
salt and pepper
fusilli pasta
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