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That Plastic Wrapped, Supermarket Slab Was a Living Being!

That Plastic Wrapped, Supermarket Slab Was a Living Being!

Their eyes are like our eyes because genetically they are very close to our species.
Ham? Bacon? Pork ribs? Hot dogs? JaneUnChained LIVE in downtown Los Angeles at a pig slaughterhouse! Why love a dog and kill the other: a pig, chicken or cow? Activist Ryuji Chua, a popular social media animal rights activist, and Eder López, the Vice President of The Animal Alliance Network, speak out as part of the global Save Movement, which has over 600 chapters around the world. These incredible activists are here to show compassion to these sweet innocent creatures as they give them water and a bit of comfort for two minutes outside of the slaughterhouse.
Activists gather next to the trucks with water sprayers to give the dehydrated pigs water.
The activists attending the vigil understand that these animals are living breathing sentient beings and they deserve better fates. Instead, these creatures are trucked into this slaughterhouse by the hundreds and they will not be leaving here alive or whole. There is no humane way to kill a creature that does not want to die. These 4-6-month-old pigs are usually raised in windowless warehouses in confined spaces. The first light they see from the sun is when they are put onto these trucks. The light that shines in through the holes of the slaughterhouse truck will be the first and last sunlight they will see.
Activists stream water into the mouths of pigs through the holes of the slaughterhouse trucks.
If you still eat meat, ask yourself is the mistreatment of a creature smarter than a dog ok with your moral compass? If you are already vegan, are you willing to share the truth with others?  Please share what is happening to animals at this slaughterhouse and around the world with everyone you know. The more people that connect with their plight, the higher the possibility that the use of animals for food will end one day soon.
This sweet creature is no longer alive today. Say that it did not deserve a better fate.


Use the links below to find the nearest Save Movement group to you.


Attend a weekly vigil with Los Angeles Animal Save on Sundays and with Animal Alliance Network on Wednesdays.

Connect with your local Save Movement chapter to attend a vigil and get involved.


Paige Parsons Roache reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network.

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Photos courtesy of Los Angeles Animal Save’s Instagram page. Photography by Josh Montoya.

Co-written by Paige Parsons Roache.

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

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