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Animal Rights, A Vegan Festival, And Beyond Meat Tacos… Oh my!

Animal Rights, A Vegan Festival, And Beyond Meat Tacos… Oh my!


LunchbreakLIVE as we countdown to VegFest Los Angeles on May 5th! Yes! That’s Cinco de Mayo! The 2019 VegFest LA! Here we are at Del Taco, getting Beyond Meat Tacos! And you will meet Peter Lucky, who will be at VegFest, promoting his event, The Official Animal Rights March in Los Angeles, on August 10th at Grand Park in DTLA! They even meet a fellow vegan, Elizabeth, in the line at Del Taco! Find out how she got her avocado Beyond Meat taco for FREE!!!
Peter shows off the flyer for The Official Animal Rights March!
Make sure to stop by The Official Animal Rights March booth at Vegfest! Peter explains that he wants to reach as many people as he can so this is why he decided to have a booth at the popular Vegfest festival. Peter is an amazing vegan activist for the animals and attends several events with different animal rights groups. Now, he is the lead organizer of The Official Animal Rights March in Los Angeles!
Peter and Elizabeth show off their vegan tacos!
With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, vegan tacos could not be more appropriate for our LunchBreakLive show today. Peter and Elizabeth bite into their tacos and say they are absolutely delicious! Now people can get cruelty-free tacos at Del Taco that taste amazing! These tacos are so good, they were sold out the last time Elizabeth tried to get one! Get your free delicious vegan tacos by using Elizabeth’s tip… Download the Del Taco application and type in “BEYOND” for your scannable coupon! Make sure to say hold the cheese if you get the taco option without avocado. We hope to see you all at Vegfest this Sunday!
These tacos deserve a closeup!
Don’t forget your free Beyond Meat Taco Coupons!

Celebrate “Beyond Day” with Beyond Meat tomorrow May 3rd!

Jane Velez-Mitchell reports for JaneUnchained News Network.


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Photos Courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell and Paige Parsons Roache.


These tacos will be available at all Del Taco locations soon!
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