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F.A.K.E. Movement Founder Makes Moroccan Fish!

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F.A.K.E. Movement Founder Makes Moroccan Fish!

Jonathan uses a spread of whole food ingredients to make this dish!

LunchbreakLIVE features a gourmet “fish” dish with extra firm tofu substituted for the fish. The result is visually stunning and delicious. Jonathan Yoni Ohayon is a master in the kitchen. He learned his cooking in Paris under the guidance of his mom. Now, he’s veganized the classic dishes! Jonathan is the co-founder of the hot Parisian brand Arsayo, which makes incredible cruelty-free backpacks and other sustainable fashion items. Jonathan is also the founder of a Los Angeles museum dedicated to compassion called F.A.K.E.- Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment.

Thumbs up to cruelty-free food!

Jonathon recently founded The F.A.K.E Movement and Museum that features designers like his brand, Arsayo, that use vegan materials and employ suppliers with workers who are adults and make fair wages. Arsayo also utilizes amazing sustainable materials like cork, apple and pineapple leathers to make their backpacks and other accessories. The museum exposes the public to the use of cruelty-free alternatives in fashion. On top of being an amazing fashion designer, Jonathan also plays instruments while his gorgeous wife, Sucely Montoya, sings. Check out their amazing singing on her Facebook page!

Wow, this fish even looks fashionable after it’s plated!

Jonathan has taken an age-old family recipe and veganized it! He has taken a recipe that normally requires fish and substituted the fish with tofu! He uses seaweed and dill weed powder to add seafood flavor. This dish is full of delicious nutritious ingredients and spices. The goal of Jonathan’s fish is to show people that you can eat meals without cruelty and not miss out on any flavor. Patrizia is amazed that it actually smells like fresh fish while he’s cooking it! Her mouth is watering. Try making yours at home today with Jonathan’s recipe below.

Vegan food and fashion meet with this fishless fish dish and cool cork backpack!

Check out the F.A.K.E. movement website! 

Get a FREE tour at the F.A.K.E. Museum!

Check out the Arsayo line of backpacks!

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