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Hot New Vegan Food Truck in Venice!

Hot New Vegan Food Truck in Venice!

Patrizia is having trouble deciding what she wants from the plethora of choices!

LunchBreakLIVE at Mi Hijo De Su Madre, a 100% plant-based taco and burrito food truck. Today, they are on trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard, making Beyond Meat tacos & burritos with jackfruit and other goodies! Zero cholesterol, infinite goodness, good for the planet & your health! Meet owner Greg Owens, fiancé Heather and mom, Lucy, who is the inspiration! Today’s taste testers include Bill Muir, aka Sgt Vegan, Vegan Flag’s Patrizia Barretto, and Daniel Resendez, a vegan wannabe!

Vegan street corn! Does it get better than that??

Jane doesn’t waste any time hopping onto the truck to check out the crew in action. And oh boy are they cooking up a storm! Greg, Lucy, and Heather are hard at work making street corn, a Beyond Meat ‘Merica taco, a “Phat Hass” taco, hummus taco, potato soyrizo burrito, “Mash Made in Heaven,” and more! Their cooking is based on meals that mom, Lucy, made for Greg growing up! They are known for their tacos but they also make burritos, so Jane makes sure to add one of those to the order. They use super fresh ingredients on their line for all their items! The special taste testers are completely wowed by these delicious dishes! Daniel agrees that he could eat this every day! Who couldn’t?? Check out the must-try Hijo De Su Madre food truck next time you’re near Venice!

This truck is known for its tacos and we can see why!

For their schedule in the Venice, California, Santa Monica, Culver City, California area visit: their website!

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Heather ‘s smile says it all … Awesome food and awesome people are found at this business!

Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnChained News Network.

Greg, Heather, and Lucy are working hard to make us cruelty-free delicious dishes!
Follow the truck on their social media accounts!
This chorizo potato burrito is perfect for sharing!
The “Heavenly “Mash made in Heaven” sure looks heavenly!
Check out their enticing menu!!!
So many taco flavors you’ll never get bored.
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