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Getting Vegucated at Auraganic Juicery & Cafe!

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Getting Vegucated at Auraganic Juicery & Cafe!

Make a great choice for your body by coming to Auraganic today!
Today’s LunchBreakLIVE is full of tasty fresh juices and smoothies from Auraganic Juicery & Cafe in Chino, California with the producer of the upcoming Vegucation Fair Karie Geoghegan DeLalla and owner Nick Hughes. Special taste testers include Ellen Dent, an organizer for Animal Alliance Network, and Cesar Asebedo, animal rights activist, speakers for the event taking place August 24th at Citrus College.
Karie wants the world to be vegan and that is why she started the nonprofit, Why Be Vegan. She had a dream to create a vegan fair, and she’s done it, creating the Vegucation Fair to help introduce everyone to vegan food, products, and educational information! Auraganic will be at the fair along with many other vegan restaurant vendors like Pizza Plant, Original Herbivore, Cena Vegan, Soup Goddess, Vegan Tamale Company, and Dulce Europa Shaved Ice to name a few. The nonprofit groups Vegan Outreach, Horse Racing Wrongs, Beagle Freedom Project, and Compassion Over Killing will be in attendance to providing information and helping you find out how you can get involved! Amazing Vegan product vendors will be there too like Noho Candle, Bohemian Bowls, Juci Roots, Stra Reusables and many more! Cesar Asebedo will be emceeing the whole event raising the energy to the max! It’s going to be a big great event for everyone, so bring all of your family and friends for a cruelty-free fun time!
The gang is all healthy smiles at Auraganic!
“You feel like you walked into an oasis when you walk into Auraganic ,” Paige exclaims.  Nick was inspired to open Auraganic after he experieced his health decline, and he was able to recover with a plant-based diet. Now he’s on a mission to heal the world through raw plant-based drinks and food. You can find all sorts of delicious nutritious raw plant-based options at Auraganic. From juices, smoothies, kombucha on tap to tinctures, bowls, and raw grab-and-go foods, they have your healthy fix covered! Paige explains that this is your one-stop health shop! Nick says their smoothies are the best in the world featuring magical flavors and they are sweetened with dates! The restaurant is also sustainable with reusable glass cups to drink out of when you are there and compostable containers with paper straws if you need to take your items to go. They also have a selection of innovative reusable sustainable items you can purchase. Come by Auraganic the next time you are in Chino, CA and bring a friend so you can show them how compassionate healthy drinks and food can be delicious and great for you!
Stop by Auraganic and try a raw vegan collard green wrap with yummy taco tahini sauce!
Auraganic has relaxing outdoor seating too!
Check out all of the amazing vendors an organizations that will be there!!!
Check out the Vegucation Fair on Facebook and Instagram.

Paige Parsons Roache reports LIVE for JaneUnChained.com

Photos provided by Paige Parsons Roache.

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Don’t miss Bill Muir’s talk at the fair while you’re there!

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