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Say “I Do” to Compassion in this Hidden Oasis!

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Say “I Do” to Compassion in this Hidden Oasis!


This lush oasis is perfect for your next event or even an escape from your daily routine!

JaneUnChained LIVE with Daniella, founder of The Kind Bride, who is one of the organizers of The Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique. This is an all-vegan, eco-friendly pop-up boutique. Hedda Leonardi owner of The Bel Air Treehouse, the event venue. Did you know the original gypsy tribes were from Rajasthan? We didn’t. We also have a quick talk with co-organizer Laura of Verte Luxe. Then, we take a sneak peek at the dinner afterward, with delicious treats from Pink Salt Cuisine, an all-vegan catering company, and pizzas from the all-vegan The Pizza Plant.

Your eyes will be tantalized in this colorful space!
Daniella was a wedding photographer when she came up with the idea to create The Kind Bride. She decided to transition from photography to making it easy for couples to plan their weddings instead. She has even created a directory of services and products for vegan weddings that also offer amazing eco-friendly options. This is the first vegan bridal show ever! While others think they are being innovative by making wedding dresses out of toilet paper, Daniella’s vendors are keeping it eco-friendly and making dresses out of bamboo silk! The Kind Bride is definitely your one-stop-shop if you want to spread the love all around and get married with compassion for animals and our planet!
You can have an extremely gourmet spread with none of the cruelty thanks to Pink Salt!
Vanessa checks out The Bel Air Treehouse with the owner, Hedda, as her guide. Starting off with the super cool couch cushions she is sitting on, Hedda explains are actually made from the intricate and colorful Rajasthani gypsy brides’ gowns. The piece is a tribute to her husband, Cedric, who is a drummer for The Gypsy Kings band. Hedda was ahead of her time studying yoga and promoting compassion for all beings long before it was popular. She has even been vegetarian since she was 19 years old! Her Bel Air Treehouse invites people to enjoy an environment free of superficiality and still full of the luxuries life has to offer. It could not be a more appropriate venue for The Kind Bridal show. You can even get married there! It is full of good vibes and they have trees with peaceful grandmother and grandfather energies that you can come visit. The space is non-alcoholic, plant-based, and nonsmoking. But they offer amazing smoothies and elixirs that are sure to raise your vibrations. This is a must-visit oasis right outside of Los Angeles! All are welcome!
This setting is so surreal you might think you’re in heaven!
A wedding would not be complete without the food! First, Vanessa tries Pink Salt Cuisine’s gorgeous spread, which features a smoked maple cheddar, vegan salami, and a lentil walnut pate! Pink Salt is one of the only all-plant-based caterers in the LA area.  Their vendors are also eco-friendly! Next, Paige tries the Green Goddess Pizza from The Pizza Plant, that has broccoli, sauteed mushrooms, and edible flowers on top of it. It may be the prettiest pizza in town! Pizza Plant generously donates a pizza to the homeless for every pizza served! You can have all of the flavor and fun with these amazing caterers without hurting animals or the planet! Check out all of these amazing products and vendors at the links below! 
Pizza Plant has some of the most gourmet vegan pizza in town… This Roman Holiday Pizza is no exception!


Check out The Kind Bride!

Visit or book your next event at the Bel Air Treehouse!

The lovely vegan ladies, Vanessa, Hedda, and Paige glow in this picture!


Book Pink Salt Cuisine for your next event!

Find The Pizza Plant Truck!

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Photos courtesy of Vanessa Marsot.

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