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Vegans in The Military: Sgt Vegan Reports for Duty

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Vegans in The Military: Sgt Vegan Reports for Duty

Vegans in the military

Vegans in the military! Bill Muir served our nation in times of conflict, all the while maintaining a vegan diet. Now, he’s out with a book about it. Vegan Strong tells his story and proves you have no excuses. If he can do it in fatigues in Afghanistan, you can do it too!

Lt Commander Charles Hallum and Sgt Vegan Bill Muir join Elysabeth on the Elysbeth Alfano Show, the only plant-based radio show in the nation, to talk about Vegans in the Military.  Are there any and how is it possible?  The three talk about MREs, respect from colleagues, did they ever doubt themselves, what it means to be a tough guy and how to handle stress while in the service.

Vegan in the military

There’s a lot to learn from these two humble, yet strong men.  And, of course, we thank our vegans in the military for their incredible service to our country.

For more information, visit ElysabethAlfano.com and her radio show here.

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