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Veg Events: Your Global Directory of Vegan Events!

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Veg Events: Your Global Directory of Vegan Events!

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VegEvents: Connecting You to Vegan Events Worldwide

It’s not easy to be a vegan in a world where those around us are busy killing, grilling, or wearing animals.  Jason Schramm, a New Jersey-based engineer and techie, went vegan and immediately felt a strong need to connect with other vegans. But, where, how?  So, he created VegEvents.com.  It lists hundreds of events happening around the world that involve veganism and animal rights, from cooking demos to protests to galas, from vegan-themed movie nights to book clubs. Check out Jason’s chat with our own Jane Velez-Mitchell!

VegEvents.Com Shows Vegans: You Are Never Alone

It was as soon as Jason Schramm went vegan that he saw a gap in the movement because he suddenly felt lonely and isolated.

VegEvents.com listings
VegEvents.com has listings of hundreds of events worldwide. But, the site relies on vegans to create the listings! So, if you have a vegan event, list it on VegEvents.com

“When I went vegan about 6 years ago, I knew that I needed to find other vegans out there. I knew I needed support,” he explains. What better way to meet like-minded individuals than at an event? So… Schramm, whose expertise is in building websites, took the initiative and created this global clearinghouse for vegan events.  Now, VegEvents.com offers everyone a list of hundreds of vegan events happening worldwide.

If You Have a Vegan Event… List It on VegEvents.com NOW! 

Jason wants to add your vegan events. But, you need to let him know!  Here is the place to submit events right on his website!  Jason vets the events to make sure they’re legit. Additionally, you can sign up here to get a weekly email blast of vegan events happening in your area. You can specify the geographic range, from a one-mile radius to a 500-mile radius!

Power of community
VegFest is a great way to get connected to like-minded individuals. Hopefully, we can gather like this again soon!

While the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the ability to gather in person,  there are plenty of virtual events happening across the globe right now! You never have to feel isolated and alone.

Using Skills To Aid the Movement

Schramm doesn’t just have good ideas. He puts them into action.

“For me, being an engineer and a problem-solver, I see a problem that’s out there and I want to fix it,” says Schramm. “My skill set, being web-development, how can I take that to help the most people, to have the most impact?”

Check out VegMovies.com

VegMovies.com for all Vegan Movies and TV shows.
VegMovies.com lists hundreds of vegan, animal rights movies and TV shows.


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Schramm is also the founder of VegMovies, the largest vegan film and TV platform.  It helps people find films and alerts viewers to any graphic footage.

It is amazing to see people like Schramm using their skills to aid the movement, and help vegans build that essential community. But, he needs your help. So, sign up to get his newsletter. And, if you run a vegan event or campaign, list it on VegEvents.com.


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