Climate Change & Global Warming


The climate crisis is the most pressing issue of our time. We all must do what we can at this point to mitigate the damage caused by our irresponsible behavior as humans.  By changing our diet and eating plant-based, we can show that we will no longer stand for the suffering of animals used to produce food, the suffering of people harmed from the pollution of factory farms, and our world’s collective suffering due to the effects of the climate crisis. Animal agriculture produces incredible greenhouse gas emissions. Deforestation clears our beautiful forests and destroys diverse wildlife’s homes and habitats to create space for more fields to grow livestock feed. In addition to the fact that a plant-based diet is greener, the solution to feeding more people is also changing our diets and instead of using tons of water and land to produce livestock feed, we use less of each to feed more people. We can make a difference by making conscious food choices.


Aiming to Coexist

The climate crisis, caused by humans’ irresponsible behavior and lack of acknowledgment of our action and industry’s consequence, exemplifies our lack of connection to our planet. When we act in such a way that is harmful to the earth, the creatures of our world, the people in all places near and far, we show our lack of respect for the source of all life. As vegans, we are already one step ahead. By eating plant-based and committing to a cruelty-free lifestyle, we are conscious of the impacts of our actions even as individuals. By eating closer to the source of the nutrients, we eliminate suffering. We respect the sentient nature of the other animals instead of taking advantage of them. Our lifestyle shows that we aim to coexist.

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