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Stop Eating Chicken and Save the World!

Stop Eating Chicken and Save the World!


#JaneUnChained #LIVE with Compassion in World Farming (USA)‘s Executive Director, Rachel Dreskin. She talks to Jane Velez-Mitchell about the destructive role chicken consumption plays in our climate crisis and culture of cruelty! We talk solutions from fast food to farming!
Jane explains that somehow chicken has been confused with being a vegetable for many people. Rachel further explains that about 95 percent of animals in factory farms are broiler chickens raised for meat. In the United States alone 9 billion chickens are slaughtered each year and it is estimated that over 50 billion chickens are slaughtered worldwide every year. Rachel explains that these animals have the ability to suffer tremendously. Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) focuses on trying to make their short lives better. Genetic engineering has caused even more suffering because these chickens are bred to grow so quickly and many times they are so breast heavy they cant stand up. The same engineering has also degraded the nutritional value of the chicken meat. So why not farm something else like plants or mushrooms? Animal agriculture is extremely inefficient because the animals being raised consume so much of the world’s plant crops that could be used to feed starving people. Also the waste that livestock produces is destroying our planet. It’s a destructive cycle that has to end soon or we will not be able to sustain our species on this planet! Where else will we go?
People are starting to come to the realization that pigs and cows are sentient intelligent beings, but they have disregarded chickens as unintelligent creatures incapable of feelings. People are also disconnected from the fact that body parts like wings, are actually pieces of a chicken. There is not a magical wing factory or tree that only produces chicken wings, they are ripped from the body of a innocent animal. We hope to see the Jane’s campaign idea, “Not Your Wings,” in circulation soon so people understand that there is an ultimate cost to consuming wings. The same can be said of the packages on grocery store shelves. That chicken breast wrapped in plastic was ripped from a chicken’s body just like those wings. It is much easier to disconnect with the animal when it has been pulled apart and neatly packaged. Maybe if everyone had to look their food in the eye before killing it,  and dismembering that creature themselves, they might understand the gravity of what is really in that package.
Please support Compassion in World Farming’s mission and help save lives!
Furthermore, if people stopped eating chicken, we could see up to a 95 percent decrease in animal agriculture. Our planet needs this kind of massive change immediately! We simply cannot keep raising and killing animals in the same amounts that we are currently. By sparing the lives of these chickens and reducing the amount of chickens raised for meat, we can start saving our planet now. The 25 Program has been started by Compassion in World Farming to reduce the number of animals in the supply chain by 25 percent. They plan to do this by offering more appealing plant-based options. Please choose to spare the multitudes of lives taken from these animals, save the planet, and save yourself by not eating animal products today and every day!
Animal agriculture representatives and any other organizations mentioned in this piece are welcome to respond at any time.


Jane Velez-Mitchell  reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell.
Report Edited by Ellen Dent.
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  • Excellent commentary on the suffering of chickens and the reason to stop eating parts of chickens. You have addressed the most common misconception that chickens do not suffer and the disconnect between buying parts in the supermarket and realizing how they got there.

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