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Wildfires: Climate Change Catastrophe!

Wildfires: Climate Change Catastrophe!

A palm tree ignites into a firestick.

#JaneUnChained #LIVE: Coast to Coast Catastrophe! What’s really accelerating climate change? Join Jane Velez-Mitchell for this Special Hour Report. Our guests, Simone Reyes, Lisa Karlan, and Renée Marinkovich have been on the ground across the country, as fires and hurricanes leave a train of devastation. Conservation biologist Dr. Reese Halter (DrReese.com) explains the massive role of animal agriculture in climate change.

This landscape was transformed into an inferno because of these fires.

If you “aren’t vegan you are continuing to be part of the problem.” Let these words by Mick Divoudian resonate. Politicians and fire marshals are pointing the finger at climate change as the reason for this “fire storm” we are seeing in California. Several fires have broken out this past week in Ventura County, Malibu, and West Hills this past week. As they continue to burn there are more fires starting. Up north towards the Bay area, the region was hit extremely hard. The whole town of Paradise was burned to the ground and the death toll is rising.

Emergency crews rushed to save lives and property.

Jane explains, “you can’t to wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep.” So often people think that they have cornered the issues they fight for, but they fail to realize that their lifestyle choices contradict everything they stand for. For example, you can’t really be feminist or an environmentalist and eat animal products.  Jane asks Dr. Reese Halter how people can still be so blind to the real issues after losing their homes to this fire. He responds that the issue is disconnect. He explains, animal agriculture creates more greenhouse emissions than the whole transportation industry. It also contributing to the dead zones where there is insufficient oxygen. Animal agriculture is also causing deforestation, which is like ripping apart the Earth’s lungs. At this rate we not be able to breath on this planet in the future due to human destruction.

The aftermath after the fire passes through is absolutely devastating to the environment and the animals.

We won’t get away with this. It is time to connect to the real issues here that threaten our existence on this planet. Share this article and help others see the truth and make the connection. Let’s heal our planet so we don’t have a “fire map” showing how our planet is burning more than it ever has before! We have an amazing opportunity to evolve and save our beautiful planet for future generations before it is absolutely too late.

Lisa Karlan, Simone Reyes, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and Renée Marinkovich pose for a pic after the VoiceAmerica Radio Show. Strong women, strong voices for change!

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Visit Dr. Reese’s Website to learn how to protect our planet!

Jane Velez-MItchell, Simone Reyes, Lisa Karlan, and Renée Marinkovich, reporting for #JaneUnChained News Network.

Photos Courtesy of Jane Velez-MItchell.

#JaneUnChained in Malibu, California with animal rescuers, including Marc Ching of the The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, Shaun Monson of Earthlings and Producer/Author, April Chandler, in a caravan of trucks escorted by the LA County Sheriff to pick up animals left behind in the Woolsey Fire.

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Thanks to these animal rescuers, several animals were saved. In this van alone, they had a few goats and several chickens in this van. Precious animals that were left as their owners fled the path of the fire. We can only hope more animals that could not be accounted for were able to escape harms way. Thank you so much  Animal Hope & Wellness and all the rescuers that were able to save these innocent souls from danger.

Lisa Karlan reporting for JaneUnChained News at JaneUnChained.com


#JaneUnChained on the Malibu wildfires! Watch as a group of caring animal lovers rescue donkeys from a private sanctuary and race them to safety! These donkeys are not fully domesticated so these rescuers are risking their own safety to save these animals. You can literally see the fire approaching over the mountain. It’s a desperate effort to save these animals lives. This was no easy task, but they were able to get a trailer full of these confused animals on their way to safety with Jolene from Kings Performance Horses in Anaheim Hills.


We want to thank everyone involved in the rescue efforts in these fire-devastated areas. It was truly selfless and beautiful to watch so many people rise to the occasion and help animals in need. We hope that we can start to heal our planet soon, and the decision to that begins with you. What you decide to consume directly impacts the environment. Please stop eating animals and using animal products so that we can prevent disasters like these in the future. Climate change is real and it is coming for all of us!


Jane Velez-MItchell reporting for #JaneUnChained News Network.
Report Edited by Ellen Dent.,
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