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Beyond Meat Tacos at Del Taco??

Beyond Meat Tacos at Del Taco??

#LunchBreakLIVE today as we taste the Beyond Meat options at Del Taco in Santa Monica, California with Jane, and our special tasters Ilana Bollag & Paige Parsons Roache!  Finally we can eat at Del Taco! We have seen many other fast food places offer vegan options as well. There may be a lot more fast food in our future!

Finally Vegans can come to Del Taco and enjoy vegan options with Beyond Meat! Photo courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache

Ilana and Jane don’t waste any time biting into these vegan Beyond Meat tacos! They say they are crunchy and full of flavor. Get them with fresh avocado and say hold the cheese. Paige is all about the fresh avocado as Ilana keeps chowing down on her taco. Paige says Del Taco is her late night munchie spot and this solidifies that even more. You can even add the taco meat to a burrito for an extra charge. Get the 7 layer without the dairy and there you go, even more vegan options!

Beyond meat tacos?? We’ll be right in! Photo courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache


Welcome to the future of protein served right here with fresh avocado at Del Taco! Photo Courtesy of Ilana BollagSeveral stories and reports are warning us that it is time to change our habits drastically before we destroy this planet. The United Nations has released a report on climate change, naming animal agriculture as a problematic contributor.  Jane points out an article in the New York Times about climate change. Unfortunately, they forgot to mention the leading cause of our environment’s decline, animal agriculture. 

Welcome to the future of protein served right here with fresh avocado at Del Taco! Photo Courtesy of Ilana Bollag

This is the future of protein according to the wrapper and we could not agree more! Jane explains you cannot be an environmentalist and eat meat. There are two Del Taco locations in Southern California that offer Beyond Meat tacos in Santa Monica and Culver City. Please come to these locations and support vegan options. We have to increase the demand for these options by buying them. Come get your vegan Del Taco tacos, burritos, and more today! 

Come support vegan options at Del Taco! Photo Courtesy of Ilana Bollag


The Climate Change Report from the United Nations

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Paige Parsons Roache for JaneUnChained.com

Report edited by Ellen Dent

More photos courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache:

Save us a bite ladies!
It’s all smiles when eating vegan tacos!
Even the employees seem excited about the new vegan tacos!
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