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Two Guns Espresso: For Goodness Seyks, More Vegan Options!

Two Guns Espresso: For Goodness Seyks, More Vegan Options!

For the sake of goodness we have more vegan options!

For Goodness Seyks Vegan Advising founder, creator, recipe and menu developer, restaurant advisor and pilates instructor, Seyka Mejeur partners with Two Guns Espresso to launch a new vegan menu in all five locations and two more to come across Southern California, with DTLA opening next!

Seyka became friends with Two Guns owners, Stan and his wife Natalie, in New Zealand and the collaboration started on the spot. Stan and his wife are very health-conscious so the collaboration with Seyka was natural.

Stan and his business partner Craig started by making a coffee shop for themselves because their was nothing like it in their neighborhood. So they created the first one and they have almost 7 locations now! They must have something great going on here!

The coffee is also special. It’s a special roast from Delano’s that is a “flat white” and goes well with all types of plant-based milks. Flat white refers to the foam of the milk and how they were able to steam flatten the foam to micro foam. It is literally flat and white. Almond milk, oat milk, macadamia nut, you name it and they will foam it.

Come to Two guns for amazing coffee juice and food!!! Try the vegan power breakfast with a side of sourdough bread and Miyoko’s brand butter. Wow everything looks amazing! Thank you for offering vegan options Two Guns!


Check out Seyka and Two Guns at the links below:

For Goodness Seyks Vegan Advising

Two Guns Espresso

Reporting, Patrizia Mari Barretto for #JaneUnchained, JNN.

Photos taken by Seyka’s husband, Brian.


Seyka posing with the vegan menu she created!

Carrot juice with apple ginger turmeric made with a rebel juicer and pictured with the house-made vegan granola.

Flat white lattes….special technique makes the microfilm flat.
Seyka enjoying her dirty chai with hemp milk.
Patrizia filming Seyka with the amazing interior design of the restaurant in the background.




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