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Dive into Vegan Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago!

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Dive into Vegan Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago!


Join our newest Jane Unchained contributor Elysabeth Alfano LIVE from Chicago with Jennie Plasterer of Kitchen 17 who dishes up deep dish pizza Chicago vegan style! Mark Turner, the Head of Sales of Treeline Cheese, joins and helps with video work as they dive deep into this pizza!

This vegan deep dish pizza may be the best reason to visit Chicago!

Elysabeth starts with their popular cauliflower hot wings that are packed with flavor. Impressively, they make their own cheeses on location. Elysabeth explains that there is a process to age cheese even when it’s nondairy. They use the motto more than less when it comes to using spices for flavors in their items. Elysabeth doesn’t waste much time before she digs into the vegan deep dish pizza with their homemade seitan pepperoni! This pizza looks unreal and the best part is that it is cruelty-free.  They also offer an array of items from a variety of mac and cheeses to burgers that top the Veg News list of the best burgers nationwide!

Elysabeth poses in front of the feast of vegan food at Kitchen 17 in Chicago. Several to go boxes please!

Jennie tells us how she started her transition to veganism at a very young age. She was only five years old when decided she loved chickens. She soon realized that those very chickens she loved so much, were the same ones she and her family ate. She was outraged, screamed at her family, and stopped eating chicken on the spot! Mark also has a great story of his instant transition to veganism after watching about 30 minutes of the documentary “Earthlings,” by filmmaker Shaun Monson. That film has definitely made and reaffirmed the values of countless vegans.

Jennie working in her community to make change.

Kitchen 17 is a community restaurant where they want everyone to feel welcome. They host fundraisers and family nights. They have a diverse group of customers from all different backgrounds enjoying a great meal at their restaurant. Make sure to stop by this flavor-packed restaurant the next time you are in the Chicago area!

Visit the Kitchen 17 website for more info here

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Elysabeth Alfano reporting for Jane Unchained News Network on JaneUnchained.com

Report edited by Ellen Dent.


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