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Billion Vegans: The Vegan Amazon!

Billion Vegans: The Vegan Amazon!

So many great vegan products to choose from!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE talks to Billion Vegans CEO Alon Hochberg from the hotbed of veganism in Israel! He and his team are creating the for vegan shoppers and vegan products! Learn how to shop and invest! Join the revolution that will lead to a world of kindness through commerce!

Jump for joy because of the wonderful cruelty-free lifestyle you’re living!

Alon transitioned to veganism after he saw what happened at the Yulin Dog Festival in China. He immediately made the connection between those dogs and all animals in similar plights. He stopped eating meat and cleared the animal skins and wool out of his closet. He hit the reset button and started from scratch. On his journey, he bought some vegan shoes that had been made in China. He decided to look into it and he realized that the shoe glue had been manufactured from pig bones. This was unacceptable and as an entrepreneur and a computer engineer, Alon decided that he wanted to make marketplace with certified vegan products for people who shared his values.

A great investment in our community, our values, and our future!

Anyone can invest in Billion Vegans for a very low one hundred dollar buy in price, which is almost unheard of! This is their way of including all of their customers and supporters within their marketplace. This is why they call it a “community marketplace” Business is already picking up, so don’t get left behind if you are thinking of making an amazing vegan investment!

Competitive prices draw in everyone! The tipping point is coming!

Billion Vegans is has competitive pricing to Amazon. They promote a small business marketplace. This is marketplace that really cares. They care about their customers and their sellers. Alon hopes to make veganism affordable. He hopes that when veganism becomes cheaper than it’s cruel product alternatives, there will be a “tipping point.”  In a few months they will also be just as fast at shipping as Amazon as well! So get on this amazing site and see what cruelty-free vegan finds you can buy at the Billion Vegans marketplace today!

Check out their articles promoting compassionate shopping as well!

We invite Amazon to respond at any time.

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Invest in Billion Vegans and support vegan commerce!


Jane Velez-MItchell reporting for Jane Unchained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Billion Vegans website.
Report Edited by Ellen Dent.
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