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Animal Liberation March in Uruguay!

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Animal Liberation March in Uruguay!

Animal Liberation in every language worldwide!

#JaneUnChained LIVE at the first ‘Animal Liberation March‘ in Montevideo, Uruguay, South America. Thousands of animal right’s activists from many different groups and organizations from around the world gather to ask for compassion, respect, and liberation for all non-human animals we share this world with. What a turnout for this being the first Animal Liberation March in this country! Activists came out with signs, masks, and even full body paint. There was also chanting, percussion music, and dancing in the streets. It was quite a spectacle to see! 

Activists carry signs promoting change for all animals!

It is wonderful to see this movement expanding all around the world. This is not just a movement limited to one country. We saw The Official Animal Rights Marches held in several cities across the United States and worldwide. This is exactly what the world needs. We have to bind together as a community with infinite reach in order to wake this whole world up. The more we facilitate events like these, the more people we can reach. The key is spreading awareness and helping spark the curiosity in others to learn more and hopefully make the connection before it is too late.

A powerful moment as this man screams a chant holding a smoke flare!

The animals, the planet, and our species are all in limbo right now. We are at risk of losing everything and our lives because of the harm that we are doing to this planet. People need to realize that the animal agriculture industry accounts for more damage to the environment than any other human practice. It is time for change and thanks to marches like these we may have a chance to save our planet and everything on it!

An amazing turnout of compassionate people for this first Animal Liberation March in Uruguay.

Any animal agriculture/meat company representatives are invited on any time to respond!

Sofía Abal and Patrizia Mari Barretto reporting for #JaneUnChained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Sofía Abal, Patrizia Mari Barretto, and Clara Cremonesi.

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Report Edited by Ellen Dent.

Great signs made by activists were seen throughout the crowd.
Activists were not just of the human variety!
This doggy came prepared with a  sign too!
These activists made sure they were heard!
Smoke flares add a powerful visual effect!
No more double standards!
There is no way you could miss this march if you were near this street.
Some activists took the symbolism the whole way! Until every cage is empty!
“How many minutes of pleasure are worth their pain?” None!


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