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Tastes Just “Lika” Meat!

Tastes Just “Lika” Meat!

Lika® sure knows how to party with these sample platters!

A special #JaneUnChained #LIVE launch party for Lika® , protein by plants! LoveLika.com is an astoundingly delicious meat alternative! It tastes like chicken, beef, pork & lamb! Buy 3 entrees now and you get a 4th one free! The amazing Chef Swami Nathan shows us orange “chicken” and their other superb dishes!

Chef Paul, Chef Swami, and his son Ram all pose for a picture all smiles with their winning product!

People cannot tell the difference between Lika® and actual meat. The brand started by holding pop ups where they sampled and sold the product to thousands of people. They eventually were picked up by Whole Foods and their product sold out! Half of the customers were not vegans, and they sold 900 pounds of Lika® in three days!

An Asian sampler from the cruelty-free food gods!

This is a real party in the kitchen today, with special taste testers Paige Parsons Roache Ilana Bollag, Bill Muir (Sergeant Vegan), That Snarky Vegan Girl, and Kenziah Rubens all in attendance! What party is complete without music? Jane graciously provided an on the spot performance of her new Lika® song, and the single will be available on iTunes next year… Not really, but these products are like party in your mouth and they will leave you singing their praises too! Check out Ilana the Vegan Yodeler pelting out a few yodels as she tries everything!

Barbecues will never be the same… They’ll be better!

Don’t worry about buying frozen Lika® online. When they pack and ship your items they pack it in a several pounds of dry ice so when it gets there it is still frozen! Wow everything looks so delicious! It’s hard to believe that Lika® is only made from five base ingredients wheat, barley, mushroom, yeast, and water. Then they add seasoning and give it the most amazing flavors! Order your Lika® today and be a part of the delicious cruelty-free enjoyable food revolution!

The JaneUnchained crew was more than happy taste everything at the Lika® launch party!

Order yours NOW at LoveLika.com

Don’t Forget to use you special promotion code “THANKS2018” and “AR2018” for your next order!

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Jane Velez-MItchell and the JaneUnchained Crew reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-MItchell and LoveLika.com.

Report Edited by Ellen Dent.

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