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Rockabilly Rap and Almond Butter Avocado Toast!

Rockabilly Rap and Almond Butter Avocado Toast!

Antoinette Westcott reporting live on #OneVeggieAtATime helping Elrus Pearsley in a pit stop on his journey to find Laquisha. Join us in making a quick meal on the go almond butter toast with Avocado. He has even written a song just for her on his quest “What Good is Christmas!”

We never would have thought of this combo, but it sure looks tasty!
Elrus is quite the character. He decides to start his magic cooking demo by unwinding with a little vegan organic wine.  He makes sure to add his Elvis-like sounds and tunes throughout the cooking demo. He starts by cleaning the arugula and toasting the toast. Make sure you “keep your hands off his toaster!” Elrus and Antoinette make sure that the toast is covered with almond butter. They pray over the avocado hoping it will be “fresh and juicy.” Luckily it is everything they hoped for, and Elrus puts it on the toast.
Elrus posing in full sophisticated rocker mode.
Other than being the master of entertaining toast-making, Elrus is saving animals as well. Many animals are in need of homes after the recent wildfire tragedies. He is working with several charities to help relocate displaced animals. Please reach out to local charities and adopt a new friend if you can. You can also message Elrus on his Instagram page for more information about helping the animals he is trying to find homes. Elrus also has a Christmas album coming out for the holidays, so be sure to check that out on iTunes and Spotify.

Antoinette and Elrus pose for a fun holiday pic next to Elrus’s poster!
Elrus has also created a new genre called “Rockabilly Rap.”  Elrus and Antoinette dance to his upbeat songs throughout the demo. Elrus steals the show with his smooth moves! Elrus puts the finishing touches on his toast. This is Elrus’s go to morning meal. He says it gives him fuel for his twelve mile jog afterwards. “Greens are good in the morning,” Antoinette says as she enjoys her toast. Start of your morning with a delicious piece of Elrus’s almond butter toast with avocado with the recipe below!
Antoinette and Elrus pose with his final plant-fueled breakfast!

Antoinette Westcott with #OneVeggieAtATime reporting for JaneUnChained.

Photos and camerawork by Eric Faison.

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Report edited by Ellen Dent.

Elrus’s Almond Butter Toast with Avocado

Spread Almond Butter on a slice of toasted bread.

Slice avocado and put on toast.
Add a few fresh almonds.
Top with fresh arugula and cilantro mix.
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