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Check Out These Juicy Ladies!

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Check Out These Juicy Ladies!

Check out this juicy feast!
#LunchBreakLIVE at Juicy Ladies in Pacific Palisades, California where Sunset Boulevard meets Pacific Coast Highway! This fabulous, chic restaurant is very veganish, with a preponderance of vegan offerings that are succulent and savory! This is the wave of the future as we hit the tipping point towards plant-based America! Famed vegan poet Sean Hill and Dani Rukin, The Daring Vegan, are our taste testers!
Jane’s fruity acai bowl is gorgeous!
You can tell the food here is packed with goodness. It is vibrant and full of nutritious vegetables and fruits. The restaurant is also wonderfully designed. If you need a treat after all this healthy food, they have a freezer section full of vegan ice cream.  Sean says his wrap is delicious and not dry. He explains if a wrap is dry, it is not good. This one even comes with an extra side of sauce! Dani tries her The Jelly Belly Bowl intimately. It looks delicious and if it will help with that extra jiggle on our bellies, we’ll take it! Jane is feeling “juicy and fruity” today so she got the acai bowl, and high fives Dani it’s so good!
Close up of Sean’s moist wrap.

Jane finds one of the juicy ladies, Kinzie Oppenheim, and she explains that the first location has been open for about 10 years. This one has been open for four months. She explains why they are veganish, and still offer some ovo-lacto vegetarian options. Jane explains that more and more restaurants and food courts are offering vegan options. This is the wave of the future of food. Times are changing and the new trend is to have the base of a meal vegan and then you would have to add meat or animal products. This is a process and people in support of veganism should support these restaurants offering vegan options. The most nutrient-rich diet is found in fruits and vegetables. Dani explains that the reason why vegans need to add B12 vitamins to their diet is because the soil has been depleted of B12 by over farming. There is also plenty of protein in plant materials. Most people are actually getting more protein than they need. Eating animal products is unnecessary, so please choose to eat with your health in compassion in mind by leaving them out of your diet.

Jane interviews Kinzy, one of the juicy ladies!

Jane pans over to the new friend she made at the restaurant, David, and he explains how he started his vegan journey. He was recovering in the hospital and his daughter gave him a get well card that promoted a healthy, loving lifestyle. He has been on his vegan journey for three and a half months. He is currently working on a project called “The Indoctrination.” It is story about how people are being controlled by these huge industries like Big Agriculture through the media. Media is programming people away from healthy lifestyles. Jane explains that humans are also being factory farmed just like the animals they eat. They want people to get sick so they have to spend their money on medical care and pharmaceuticals. It is time to wake up and realize what is really going on. The best way to break free of the system is to literally not feed into it. Make the change today and start supporting a better future for us all!

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The taste testing crew piles in for a group pic. Sean what is that face??
We invite any representatives from Big Agriculture and media networks to respond at any time.

Photos courtesy of Paige Parsons Roache, and Dani Rukin.

Report Edited by Ellen Dent.
Sean passionately describes his wrap to our viewers!
Check out their lovely grab and go cooler!
Sean and Jane are hard at work filming. Social media is a tool to be used to spread the word!
There is never a shortage of drama from this man!
You can even represent the Juicy Ladies in their beautiful sacred geometry t shirts!
Now that’s what we call a living wall!
We appreciate nice bathroom décor in the establishments we’re dining in!
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