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Carl’s Jr. Has The Beyond Meat Burger!!!

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Carl’s Jr. Has The Beyond Meat Burger!!!

Carl’s Jr. proudly displays their new Beyond Famous Star” on the side of their restaurant! Carl’s Jr. here we come!
#LunchBreakLIVE at Carl’s Jr. which is debuting their brand new vegan item… the Beyond Meat burger! This is a monumental advance for the plant-based, compassionate, environmental movement! Now Vegan Road Trip’s Sgt. Vegan, Bill Muir, taste tests with JNN Contributors Ellen Andrea Dent, of Animal Alliance Network and Paige Parsons Roache.
Take all your friends and family to Carl’s Jr. to try the “Beyond Famous Star.”
Finally vegans can go to Carl’s Jr. and buy more than a soda! This Beyond Meat “Beyond Famous Star” is a prime example of the power of demand. Carl’s Jr. is not alone in offering plant based alternatives on what was almost entirely an animal product-filled menu. Many food establishments including, Del Taco, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut have added vegan options to their menus. Although some of these options are not available in all markets, we are sure that if people support them, they will be here to stay. Not only that, there will be more plant-based options if we demonstrate that there is a market for these items.
Jane, Sgt. Vegan, and Ellen pose for a pic with the table top displays advertising the new “Beyond Famous Star” burger!
Jane, Paige, Sgt. Vegan, and Ellen all agree that this burger is delicious! It is also full of protein too. With 20 grams of protein packed into each patty, the Beyond Meat burger is competitive with burgers made from animal parts. Go to a Carl’s Jr. that offers this alternative and buy a plant-based “Beyond Star” today. Remember to get the sesame seed bun because it’s vegan and tell them to hold the mayo and cheese so you avoid animal products. Thank you Carl’s Jr. We applaud your company for embracing change! 
Sgt. Vegan looks like the most excited customer today!

Check out the Carl’s Jr. website for a location near you! 

Jane Velez-MItchell and Paige Parsons Roache reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.
Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-MItchell.
Report Edited by Ellen Dent.
“It Tastes Beyond Belief” and we agree! Yum!
“Now Available” soon to be at Carl’s Jr.s nationwide!
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