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How Would You Like To Be “Zoothanized?”

How Would You Like To Be “Zoothanized?”

Animals want to be free. They don’t want to be held captive for audiences of people to look at them.


#LIVE #JaneUnchained News Network at the Los Angeles Zoo for a FREE BILLY Rally. Today, Feb. 9th is the first annual World Zoothanasia Day, a term coined by In Defense of Animals in partnership with Free Oregon Zoo Animals. Speakers Patty Shenker, Kiersten Cluster, Sarah Segal and Heather Anahita spoke and Nicolette Aubourg sang (her song Free Billy was entered for the Grammys this year). Nicolette sang four animal rights songs she wrote. The event was held to raise awareness about “zoothanasia” and honor the memory of Packy the male elephant who was unnecessarily euthanized by The Oregon Zoo.

Die hard activists came to ask for Billy to be freed!

Patty explains why she is here this day and what zoothanasia means. She is here this day for all of the animals that are suffering in zoos including the animals that lost their lives in zoos. This day is dedicated to Packy, an elephant who was euthanized at the Oregon Zoo in 2017. She explains the term “zoothansia” is in reference to the euthanization of animals that are deemed as surplus either because of their age or genetics. Kiersten shares that Billy has been captive at the zoo for over 29 years. She explains that Billy has done his time entertaining the public and she hopes that the zoo will release him. She also shares the story of Marius, a giraffe that was euthanized by the zoo because they deemed his genes were unacceptable for breeding. If this were to happen to humans, the world would rise up and call it monstrous. Other species of animals deserve rights like we have. We could not fathom the thought of killing a person because we deemed their genes to be unacceptable for reproduction. The same standards should be upheld for other animals.

The opposition was also present this day but became very upset when the “Free Billy” song came on.

The activists today are asking that Billy is retired from the zoo and sent to a sanctuary where his needs may be better met. Councilmen Paul Koretz has even signed a motion to retire Billy from the zoo. It is time for animals to have rights. Heather explains that it is not enough to say that animal cruelty is wrong, we need to back up our statements with facts. We need to come from an educated standpoint in order to truly appeal to others. We have to be able to offer statistics and evidence behind our statements in order to effectively fight for the rights of those that are underserved in our society. We hope that the Los Angeles Zoo will realize that Billy deserves a life where he is as free as he can be. According to activists he is and has been displaying signs of distress, so it is time to do what is best for these animals. Please, Free Billy soon!

Thanks to these dedicated activists Billy may be freed one day soon!

Any zoo representatives are welcome to respond at any time.

Lindsey Baker is reporting #LIVE for Jane Unchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Sara Segal.

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Report edited by Ellen Dent.



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