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Moby Shows Support At SunCafe 2’s Fundraiser!

Moby Shows Support At SunCafe 2’s Fundraiser!

SunCafe’s other amazing chefs were hard at work making delicious hors d’oeuvres at the party!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE with Moby at the Kickstarter party for SunCafe’s second location opening in Santa Monica. Owners Chef Ron Russell & Rebecca Smith share their vision for another Vegan oasis – a unique take on rustic world cuisine designed to tantalize your taste buds while delivering optimum health and nutrition. Their 100% plant-based dairy-free menu seeks to accommodate all palates, from fun to sophisticated, from health-minded to indulgent. They also make most everything from scratch including their own cheeses, chorizo, mayo, and butter.

Moby, artist, musician, and owner of Little Pine restaurant was there to show his support for SunCafe 2!

Ron and Rebecca opened a very small SunCafe from humble beginnings and eventually, they moved the business into a bigger location on Ventura Blvd. Now they plan to open a much larger “SunCafe 2” in Santa Monica with the same great food and friendly staff. They are also excited to be able to raise more money for animal charities with this new location. Rebecca explains they have helped Farm Sanctuary several times, and they plan to do more with help from their supporters. Moby drives the point home when he speaks about how hard it was to open his restaurant, Little Pine, and they need all of the support they can get from the community. Please support SunCafe by contributing to their Kickstarter at the link below!

Antoinette Westcott, Chef Ron Russell and BJ Hollifield posed for a quick picture in between bites.

Contribute to the SunCafe’s Kickstarter to open a second location in Santa Monica! 

Visit the SunCafe’s website! 

Renée Marinkovich reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News Network. 

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Photos courtesy of Renée Marinkovich.

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

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