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Daniella Monet, IG Influencer + Actress… Talks Vegan To You, With Elysabeth Alfano!

Daniella Monet, IG Influencer + Actress… Talks Vegan To You, With Elysabeth Alfano!

#LIVE with Daniella Monet on #JaneUnchainedElysabeth Alfano hosts Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano Podcast/Vlog with the fab #vegan insta star turned cruelty-free entrepreneur! Who doesn’t love a bit of Ms. D! We’re talking cruelty-free beauty, vision, purpose, food, and fun! Go V-Girl, Go!




  1. Going from child actress to entrepreneurial activist with PigOut Chips/Outstanding foods and the Kinder Beauty Box.
  2. Things she has learned along the way: working hard, saving pennies, being kind
  3. What she wants to be known for: being kind
  4. How she responds to people who push back on Instagram about her veganism
  5. How and why she went vegan.
  6. And much more ☺

We visited Daniella’s website/blog, which by the way is AWESOME.  You can see for yourself HERE.

Here is a little more about Daniella, pulled from the ABOUT section of her website/blog:


Daniella Monet


“Hey Everyone! I’m Daniella! You may know me as an actress from various TV shows and movies, but in reality, I’m just your average twenty-something-year-old hopeless romantic, animal lover, fitness fanatic, vegan foodie and fan of just about all things cute. I’d like to generalize that by calling myself somewhat of a Lifestyle Enthusiast.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I currently live in Studio City with my boyfriend Andrew and puppy daughter, Sofi. I created this space for me to share a little more about myself and my everyday life, and that’s just what I intend to do!

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I hope my blog inspires you to do something new, eat something new, go someplace new, or just be you! Like my, Nonna says, “Si vive una volta sola” – you only live once… which to me sums up what we all have in common. So, let’s continue to live our life to the fullest.

Take a peek around my blog and stay awhile! Oh, and don’t be shy, feel free to contact me with questions or comments – It’s amazing what we can learn from one another.”


Chatting about vegan beauty products on the Podcast.


Always having a good time on Awesome Vegans Podcast!


A little behind the scenes action with Daniella Monet and Elysabeth Alfano.
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