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Activists Take A Stand For Sea Life In San Diego!

Activists Take A Stand For Sea Life In San Diego!

This group of activists comes and takes a stand for ocean life every Saturday rain or shine!

#JaneUnchained reporting LIVE from San Diego’s Tuna Harbor at the Dockside Market (fish) at San Diego Animal Save event Vigil for Fishes. Tracy Childs reports. Here Liz Gary is doing a food demo to let the public know about great vegan options to choose instead of seafood! We’re talking to Melanie Arce and David Engel and Dareen Nasser of San Diego Animal Save.

Everyone enjoyed the tasting fishless fish demo this day!

David explains that everyone needs to know what is happening to the sea animals and how it is destroying our oceans. We are overfishing our oceans. He also explains that 80 percent of our oxygen comes from phytoplankton in the ocean. David says if we continue this way scientists predict that we will have no fish to fish by 2047. He says there is also a rampant amount of creatures that are accidentally caught, which are referred to as “bycatch.” Dareen says use huge nets called “crawlers” that are miles long and they pick up everything in their path. Many of the fish caught are fed to livestock, so there is a cycle of waste death and suffering that is completely  David also explains there are also human rights issues involved in this industry. He explains that many workers are kidnapped and working under slave conditions on the boats. Dareen points out the workers on the boats may also be underaged children.

These two activists were incredibly informative. We appreciate when activists know their facts and statistics to make their points effectively!

Melanie Arce explains that the group comes to this fish market every Saturday trying to convince people not to eat fish or other sea creatures. Melanie shows us a pamphlet that explains that if you wouldn’t eat your dog, you shouldn’t eat fish. Fish feel pain just like dogs and we do. They have a central nervous system and they have pain receptors. She also explains that fish are killed in the trillions. We can’t hear their screams and they die very painful slow suffocating deaths. Melanie is also very excited to have a food demo this day because they have never had that before.

If we keep stealing the life from our oceans, we will suffer the consequences.

Liz made a whole spread of fishless dishes for everyone to try. She made everything from crab cakes, fishless filets, and even a special recipe for fishless ceviche from her time Ensenada, Mexico. Even those passing by were enticed by the food demo and eager to try these cruelty-free sustainable seafood options. By eating plants, you can save our oceans and every being on this planet. The bottom line in the words of Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson is, “If our oceans die we die.” You have the power to decide our fate on this planet with your purchases, so why not choose life for all creatures?

It’s hard to see these beautiful creatures that were once full of life inanimate and thrown on the ice.

JaneUnchainedNews invites anyone from the fishing industry to make a statement.

Food samples for protestors are provided by donations from Whole Foods and Jensen’s Markets. 

Check out the documentary Seaspiracy.

“FISH WANT TO LIVE,” just like us!


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Tracy Childs reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of Tracy Childs .

Report edited by Ellen Dent.

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