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Look Pretty While You Eat Coconut Bacon!

Look Pretty While You Eat Coconut Bacon!

These ingredients have all the flavor and none of the cruelty!

LunchBreakLIVE with today’s fabulous guest Joanna Gatto, co-owner of the vegan cruelty-free brand Johnny Concert Makeup. She is making us original Coconut Bacon Jackfruit Sliders with chipotle aioli dressing today. And as a special bonus, Joanna will do a power makeup on our awesome JaneUnChained intern, Meira Geyser!

This gorgeous makeup is safe to use on all of your skin!

Johnny Concert Makeup is Joanna’s magnificent makeup brand that she co-owns with her husband who is a music producer. Nothing makes a person prettier than 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup. To boot, this brand is also eco-friendly! They use paper and biodegradable materials to package their makeup! Joanna starts off by making Meira glow with a liquid luminizer you can use anywhere on your face and body! Then, Joanna puts on a shimmery purple eye shadow that she explains is free of toxins like the rest of their makeup line. She points out that anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body so they made sure to use the safest natural vegan ingredients in their items.

We’re gonna need a whole platter of these! Yum yum yum!

“Let’s just make this Jackfruit Day,” Paige screams! Jackfruit is an amazingly versatile fruit to cook with. If the giant prickly fruit is too intimidating, don’t fret. You can buy it ready to cook in a can as Joanna uses for her sliders! Joanna also found out how to make her own coconut bacon to make it more affordable and add all the flavor of bacon without any of the cruelty. You can even sing Jane’s “you don’t have to kill a pig to have bacon” jingle if you want to! Jane takes a big bite and “can’t imagine anything tastier!” Joanna explains that these sliders are perfect for people who need to whip up a meal in a jiffy like her. Try making your own at home with her recipe below!

The lovely Joanna poses with her delectable dish!

Check out Joanna’s amazing makeup line!

You can catch her at the next F.A.K.E. pop up in Los Angeles on August 24th!

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Photos courtesy of Jane Velez-Mitchell.
Most of these ingredients can be found right in your pantry!
You are what you eat so eat something beautiful!
Coconut Bacon Jackfruit Sliders with Chipotle Aioli Dressing
2 – 20oz cans of Jackfruit
Vegan BBQ sauce of choice
1 sliced white onion

salt + pepper to taste

Slider buns
olive oil
garlic powder
Coconut Bacon
Coconut flakes
Bragg’s Liquid Aminos
Liquid smoke and maple syrup (optional)
Chipolte Aioli Mayo
Sriracha red sauce (or your favorite hot sauce) mixed with vegan mayo.
tomato, avocado, slaw

In a large pan add olive oil and mix in sliced onions. Add shredded jackfruit and mix. Add in BBQ sauce of choice with salt and pepper to taste. Cover partially and marinade on low heat. Add water as needed. (Note: This will taste better if the jackfruit is marinated in BBQ sauce and seasoning overnight – more flavor)

While jackfruit is simmering, prepare coconut bacon.
Toss shredded coconut flakes in a bowl with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, liquid smoke, and maple syrup until flakes are completely coated. Bake at 250 for 8-10 minutes. Periodically checking and mixing flakes around so they toast evenly.
Prepare slider buns.
Mix olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and oregano into a small bowl. Coat slider buns facing up and toast in the oven.
Prepare chipotle mayo.
Mix sriracha red sauce with vegan mayo. Add a few drops of water if needed.
Prepare dressings: sliced tomato, avocado, slaw.
Assemble sliders.
On toasted bun add a scoop of jackfruit, tomato, avocado, slaw, sriracha mayo, and coconut bacon flakes. Enjoy.
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