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Oatly Invades America with Vegan Frozen Dessert!

Oatly Invades America with Vegan Frozen Dessert!

#JaneUnChained #LIVE at the newly launched Oatly frozen dessert truck popping up around town throughout Los Angeles! Today’s taste testers include the fabulous Maggie Ortlieb, founder of VegOutLA! To find out where the truck will be, call 310 818-3898! Oatly plant-based milks are also taking America and Europe by storm!

Here’s what Oatly has to say on their website about their philosophy, which is drenched in humor, but with a serious purpose: “Thirty years ago there was no Oatly, just some researchers at a university in a country mistakenly known for polar bears roaming the streets, nerding out on ways to turn oats into milk. And now here you are reading about the invention of the world’s first oatmilk and you can even order some and try it here. Or if you think that was kind of a hard sales pitch and you were just getting into the story, click here.”

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oat milk
Oatly is oat milk that is sweeping across Europe and the United States!
Oatly chocolate Ice cream
Oatly Chocolate Frozen Dessert is creamy and delicious. But, it has zero cholesterol, so it’s good for you!
vegan ice cream
Oatly Frozen Dessert Comes in a Variety of Fabulous Flavors!
Oatly truck
Here’s the Oatly truck out and about in Venice, California!
truck tight shot
This truck serves as the pre-release of the new Oatly frozen dessert, which will be hitting stores this fall!


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