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Cooking with an Animal Whisperer!

Cooking with an Animal Whisperer!

Watch LunchBreakLIVE with an incredible couple, guests Sarah Lea, Animal Whisperer, Reiki Practitioner, and Pet Psychic along with her beau Naveed Mardi, Professional Rugby Player, both vegan activists mixing up some deliciousness in the kitchen today.

This easy creamy Rainbow Thai Medley is the perfect dish to make when you’re in a hurry!
Sarah, who is from South Africa, has been vegan for over 4 years because of her connection with the animals. Now, she is an activist in Los Angeles attending vigils with the local Save Movement chapters. She even helped organize a dog runway show with the popular treat and dogfood brand, Wild Earth! Naveed has been vegan for about 3 years. Veganism actually brought them together! Jane exclaims if you want to date a hot vegan, then your best bet is to go vegan!
This hot vegan couple made the perfect team in the kitchen today!
Sarah is a pet psychic but she prefers to be called an “animal communicator.” She has an empathic quality that allows her to feel what a pet is experiencing. She is even able to assess pets online. She is very in tune with their mannerisms. Naveed is probably the only vegan rugby player at any game he plays in. Jane mentions there will probably be many more vegan players once the new documentary Game Changers comes out. This documentary demonstrates how several athletes have excelled on plant-based diets! Sarah explains she recovers after exercising the next day now, whereas before when she ate animal products it took several days. Naveed says he feels better because he isn’t bloated and he doesn’t feel weighed down with all the meat and animal products that are difficult to digest. These two demonstrate how a person can be at their best with plants!
Sarah’s dog Shimi Shimi Coco Puff stole the runway show!
Sarah and Naveed get into position in the kitchen. The start chopping and sautéing right away! They like using a specialty canned jackfruit called, Nature’s Charm Young Jack Fruit Confit, which can be found online or at Besties Vegan Paradise grocery store. Once the jackfruit and veggies are in the pan simmering you add the pure coconut milk and some nuts if you want to. When it’s hot and ready, Jane hops in for the taste test, and says the medley is absolutely delicious! Try making your own Rainbow Thai Medley at home with the Sarah and Naveed’s recipe below!

Rainbow Thai Medley


Two tins of Nature’s Charm Jackfruit Confit (empty oil our first)
1 can of Nature’s Charm natural coconut
Two teaspoons of garlic
A tablespoon of rosemary
Tablespoon of olive oil
Two tablespoons of Soy sauce
Two tablespoons fresh ginger
A bag of broccoli
A bag of mushrooms
Three colored peppers
1 zucchini
Half a cup of fresh raw cashews
How to cook
Bring the pan to medium to high heat with olive oil, ginger, and garlic
Empty contents of jackfruit tins and allow all of this to slightly fry for 3 minutes.
once jackfruit is golden and crisp, bring the heat to medium, empty the whole coconut milk can along with remaining chopped veggies and soy sauce and rosemary,
Allow all of this to simmer and all flavors to blend together for 5 minutes.
Add cashews and serve soon after (to maintain crunch)
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