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Big Daddy’s Pizza. A Venice Beach Hotspot!

Big Daddy’s Pizza. A Venice Beach Hotspot!

#LunchBreakLIVE at an all-vegan pizzeria in Famous Venice Beach, Ca! Big Daddy’s was a regular, meat and cheese pizzeria here for over 2 decades! Then, owner Casey Parker woke up and went vegan! The rest is his-story! Hint: it involves Beyond Meat and Follow Your Heart vegan cheese! These vegan pizzas are spectacularly delicious! Our taste testers hopped out of a Luxe Vegan Tours van!  Dogs are welcome at Big Daddy’s! Please come to Market Street and the beach and eat the best pizza on the planet! Casey tells his story in the video below!



Here is a little backstory behind Big Daddy’s Pizzeria!

“Larry Parker, aka “Big Daddy”, established Big Daddy’s pizza restaurant in 1997, along with his wife Debbie and their sons, Casey and Jamie. Larry started this Venice Beach pizza shop because he enjoys good food and good times with good people.

In the beginning, he had a very diverse menu, serving all the favorites such as pizza, burritos, burgers, milkshakes, and ice cream that beachgoers desired. He also served many one-of-a-kind items such as their funnel cakes, cinnamon apple fries, and fried pizza. Although the cooks at Big Daddy’s were constantly trying new things, they never failed to wow their customers and win over their hearts and stomachs.

Throughout the years, Big Daddy’s, now entirely vegan, has remained an iconic restaurant in the Venice Beach area.” (Bid Daddy’s Website)


Big Daddy’s Pizza in Venice Beach, Ca


Look at this amazing cruelty-free and totally delicious vegan pizza!


Even Rocco the dog loves the pizza!


Pizza Delivery!


Sausage and cheese pizza made with Beyond Meat Sausages!


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The whole #LunchBreakLIVE gang!


One of our taste testers going in for the pizza!


Jane and the #LunchBreakLIVE crew!


If you are coming to Los Angeles for a visit, I highly recommend booking a vegan tour with Luxe Vegan Tours!  It is an experience of a lifetime and you will not be disappointed.  Get treated like a King or Queen on your L.A. visit with all the best vegan food and shopping you could ask for.  Here is a little video explaining more about what they offer.



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