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Help Stop This Ag-Gag Bill in Canada!

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Help Stop This Ag-Gag Bill in Canada!

JaneUnChained LIVE TALK on VoiceAmericaRadio/Facebook simulcast! Canada is trying to crack down on those who expose the institutional cruelty of modern-day animal agriculture. A new bill in Ontario, #156, aims to silence undercover investigations, demonstrations and slaughterhouse vigils. This is similar to American Ag-Gag laws. Toronto-area animal rights leader Jenny McQueen, journalist/activist Dani Rukin, and attorney and executive director for Animal Justice, Camille Labchuk speak out. 

Camille brilliantly explains Bill #156 similarities to the United States ag-gag bills. Alberta recently passed an ag-gag bill in only 10 days from its introduction. Bill 156 is designed to completely shroud the animal agriculture industry in secrecy so that people will not be able aware of what is going on behind this already “opaque” industry. Camille describes these laws as an “Orwellian” government overreach that targets activists who try to enter, get footage, speak about, or even approach trucks carrying animals. She further explains that animal rights organizations will form coalitions and fight legislation like this at every turn.
Jenny and Peter McQueen protest Bill 156 with crystal clear signage.
Jenny explains how she and fellow activists are on the front lines trying to prevent this bill from going through any way they can. She personally has been arrested twice for entering pig breeding facilities to show what is happening behind the windowless facilities to the general public. She explains that it does not matter if these laws pass because she and fellow activists with The Save Movement and other animal rights groups like Direct Action Everywhere will continue to bear witness and they will continue to be arrested if that’s what it will take to fight these unjust laws. Famously, the founder of The Save Movement Anita Krajnc was arrested for giving water to pigs in 2015 in an act of compassion after seeing them on transport trucks on their way to slaughterhouses while she walked her rescue dog. After years battling in court and eventually being acquitted in 2017, her case garnered national attention and brought the whole animal agriculture industry into the spotlight! Now, activists are willing to make sacrifices to stop the government from helping this industry completely cover up what they are doing animals by the billions. This is a steep battle but these brave activists won’t stop until animals are not being abused and unnecessarily killed around the world.
Jenny holds a banner in support of Rose’s Law creating an Animal Bill of Rights.
Dani Rukin explains that they have been experiencing an increased amount of adversity trying to bear witness at slaughterhouses in the Washington state area. So much so, that they have not been able to hold successful vigils. Camille quotes Gandhi in reference to current times in the struggle for animal rights. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win!” We are in the fight of their lives. Help the movement win by signing the petitions below! Speak up for victims who cannot speak for themselves.
The animal agriculture industry is invited on to respond at any time.

Sign the petition by The Animal Save Movement!

Sign the petition by Animal Justice!

ag-gag noun \’ag-gag\ Any bill or law that punishes those who expose abusive conditions on factory farms; verb The act of silencing opposition to the abuse of farmed animals.



Jane Velez-Mitchell reporting for JaneUnchained News Network.

Photos courtesy of The Animal Justice website, The Animal Save Movement website, and Jenny McQueen’s Facebook page.

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