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Will We Have a Healthy Future? Plantbased Business Hour Weighs In

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Will We Have a Healthy Future? Plantbased Business Hour Weighs In

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Veteran plant-based journalist, radio host and TV Chef and producer, Elysabeth Alfano has launched a new show on the JaneUnChained News Network: THE PLANTBASED BUSINESS HOUR. Follow Elysabeth here.

Concerned that people are not making the connection between eating animals and the Coronavirus pandemic, Elysabeth wanted to talk to the plantbased business leaders who are working on a safer food supply for our future: plant-based meats. Tune in weekdays at 1p on the JaneUnChained News Network to hear from venture capitalists, CEOs, inventors, analysts, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and more.

Plantbased Business represents big money. Plant-based Business also represents the big solution to the meat and dairy industries that are crippling our health and our planet. We can all agree, as we stay home and cannot even travel to see loved ones in this strange time, that we need large-scale solutions to these industries as we pay a heavy, heavy cost on our health and the health of the planet during the Coronavirus, just as we have during other meat-borne pandemics.

So keep your finger on the pulse of the dynamic, plant-based, money-making business world! TUNE IN weekdays at 1p on JaneUnChained News Network for The Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano.

This week’s line-up was power-packed!

Lisa Feria of Stray Dog Capital joins me on the Plantbased Business Hour to discuss plantbased bacon, vegan foods tasting better than their counterparts and the most important skill for an entrepreneur.

The Queen of Cheese, Miyoko Schinner of Miyoko’s Creamery joins me to discuss health and cruelty issues with dairy and the struggling industry. In addition, we discuss her mission that is a company, Miyoko’s new cheddar cheese, the impetus for starting a cheese dynasty and the reality that is the rapid growth of plantbased dairy. To inform the USDA that you do NOT want dairy to be recommended as a health food on its nutritional guidelines, visit this link:http://bit.ly/2Qp1SU6

What’s the next Big (Plantbased) Idea? Andrew Ive, General Partner and Founder of Big Idea Ventures shares the secret, but here’s a hint: it isn’t food. Watch and listen in to find out!

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Lou Cooperhouse, CEO and President of BlueNalu, joins me to discuss the impending reality of cellular aquaculture, changing consumer habits and demands, the waste, inefficiency, cruelty and environmental biproduct of fishing and fish farms and the worldwide rising demand for fish. This is the future! Listen in.

Ryan Bethencourt, Founder of Wild Earth Pet Foods and Co-Author of The Clean Pet Food Revolution: How Better Pet Food Will Change the World, joins me to discuss how our pet food industry props up factory farming and how much of the pet food consists of dead, diseased, disabled and dying animal contributing to the spread of disease. We also talk about the changing landscape of investing in plantbased start-ups.  Finally, Dr. Jeff Schaider, Former Chariman of the Department of Emergency Health at one of the largest emergency rooms in the country, Cook County in Chicago, talks about Coronavirus, testing and managing supplies.

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