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Connect with Fellow Activists on Zoom Every Week!

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Connect with Fellow Activists on Zoom Every Week!

#JaneUnchained #LIVE We are at a joint Los Angeles Animal Save and Animal Alliance Network community gathering, organized respectively by Amy Jean Davis, Ellen Andrea Dent, and Cesar Asebedo. Since we can’t go to the slaughterhouses to do vigils, we’re honoring the animals we would normally bear witness to and connecting with fellow activists online.

Join us Wednesday!
If you’re feeling down, isolated, or lonely, or just missing the company other compassionate people. Don’t worry… We have the online meet up for you! Zoom in twice weekly on Sunday and Wednesday evenings with these two amazing activist groups as they check in with their community and beyond. The Coronavirus crisis and subsequent quarantine have forced these groups to postpone their weekly vigils, but the organizers still want everyone to be able to stay in touch. Once the vigils commence, the community will get out there stronger than ever!
Join us this Sunday!!!
Zoom participants will tell you that they look forward to these zoom get-togethers all week. It’s a wonderful place to share and strengthen your activism right from home! Some participants who still ate animal products are also considering going vegan thanks to the wonderful support they’ve received an endless amount of advice offered of how to transition to a compassionate lifestyle. Join us weekly on zoom. As always all positive people and animal companions are welcome to join the fun!
Take a moment to honor the lives of the animals we normally bear witness to. Photo: The Hendrys

Join us on Zoom Sunday Evening from 7-9 pm and Wednesday evening from 8-10 pm.

The link is available on the Animal Alliance Network Instagram bio and on the Facebook event page.

*Direct Message for the password*

Attend a weekly vigil with Los Angeles Animal Save on Sundays and with Animal Alliance Network on Wednesdays.

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Connect with your local Animal Save Movement chapter to attend a vigil and get involved.

Vanessa Marsot of Ellora Wellness reporting for JaneUnchained.com.


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