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Vegan Kings, Legal Eagles and Mad Scientists on The Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano

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Vegan Kings, Legal Eagles and Mad Scientists on The Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano

PBH by Elysabeth Alfano

The time has come for a show that focuses on the leaders creating solutions to the industries that are crippling our health and our economy: meat and dairy.

Elysabeth Alfano created the Plantbased Business Hour because, with the exception of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, targeted plant-based business and innovation news is missing in the mainstream media. During this time of incredible stress and worry, consumers and investors want news and insight as to how many are working to create a better future for us through their plantbased business models and products. On the Plantbased Business Hour, Elysabeth talks to the plantbased business leaders who are working on a safer food supply for a safer future: plant-based foods.

Tune in to hear from venture capitalists, CEOs, inventors, analysts, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and leaders in the traditional meat and dairy spaces who are launching new initiatives as they look towards progress and profitable new product lines.  The Plantbased Business Hour runs weekdays at 1p PT on the Jane UnChained FB Live Page. The Plantbased Business Hour will be reposted to the Elysabeth Alfano YouTube and LinkedIn pages, the  Elysabeth Afano Radio Show FB Page, the Awesome Vegans Podcast platforms (Apple, Google, iHeart, Stitcher, etc.) and below.

Plantbased Business represents big money. Plant-based Business also represents the big solution. And we need just that. We need large-scale solutions as we pay a heavy, heavy cost on our health, our economy and the health of the planet during the Coronavirus, just as we have during other meat-borne pandemics.

So join Elysabeth LIVE at 1p PT on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the Plantbased Business Hour. Share your comments, questions and time with her and the business innovators and leaders creating a new future. The Plantbased Business Hour is the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of the dynamic, impact-oriented, money-making, plant-based business world!

You can follow Elysabeth on FB here.

The Midas touch! Just minutes before the Beyond Meat earnings report Seth, Seth Goldman, Former Executive Chairman of Beyond Meat, Founder of Honest Tea and Founder of Eat The Change and Jonah Goldman, Co-Founder of PLNT Burger, sit down remotely to speak with Elysabeth about conscious capitalism, #planetdelicious and plant-based price parity with meat!!

From Australia! Mad Scientists or Creative Geniuses? Jim Fuller and Chris McLoghlin of Fable Food Co. are making braised beef from mushrooms and it’s delish! The two discuss the business hurdles of getting global distribution, solid investors and reliable manufacturing partners…and the intelligence of mushrooms! Of course, Elysabeth, Jim and Chris also eat Braised Beef over Noodles and Braised Pork with BBQ Sauce!

On the Plantbased Business Hour, Michiel van Deursen of Capital V joins me to discuss the three “F”s of investing. Tune in to hear his incredible life-affirming come back story that turned his world around and put him on the path to vegan investing. An early investor in The Vegetarian Butcher, as well as many established brands, Michiel shares the one thing that he is waiting for that isn’t yet to market.

Legal Eagle Carissa Kranz Talks U.S. Wet Markets, her legal petition in support of banning NY wet markets and her company BeVeg, which certifies companies as vegan in order to standardize the market. Carissa has been vegan since birth and, before becoming a lawyer and CEO of her own company, was a performing ballerina. Carissa has launched a new show on Jane UnChained News Network, The Laws that Matter, every Wednesday at 9a PT.

One of the most influential and dedicated figures in the Plantbased Business arena, Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni joins Elysabeth on the Plantbased Business Hour to discuss inefficient meat and dairy operations, solutions for change and feeding a growing population.

They also discuss working alongside meat and dairy to replace their product lines with plant-based alternatives and supporting vegan businesses and sanctuaries during Covid-19.

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