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We Hit Our Goal!

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We Hit Our Goal!

We are making history.

The deadline to submit a public comment to the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee just passed. GOOD NEWS! We just hit our goal in terms of letters to the USDA Advisory Committee!  Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch and I called on you to comment here and urge the Committee to remove dairy as a food group in the upcoming US Dietary Guidelines. Dairy is bad for our health, cruel to animals and a leading contributor to climate change! 

Listen below as Dotsie explains why this campaign is crucial for the health of humans, animals and the planet! Watch this space for information on the next phase of this campaign to get dairy removed from the US Dietary Guidelines!

JaneUnChained has partnered with Switch4Good on this initiative and we need you to help us reach our goal—to hit 25 percent of all public comments submitted to the Committee—and be part of this historic moment. Never before has the Committee received such a unified response from the public. If you help us reach this goal, the committee will hear our message loud and clear and be forced to consider removing dairy from the guidelines for the first time ever.

If you don’t act now, the next opportunity won’t present itself for another five years. CLICK HERE NOW to make a truly significant difference in the health of all Americans. 

For too long, people have been misguided by these very guidelines. Its recommendation of three servings of dairy a day has seeped into the nutritional teachings of every doctor, nutritionist, nurse, and public school teacher. It has infiltrated the food served in hospitals, schools, and other public institutions. It has made millions of people—36 percent of the entire American population—sick on a daily basis, simply because they are lactose intolerant. Learn more here!

Together, we can redefine nutrition in America. All it takes is your honest, sincere comment. If you’ve already commented, take two minutes to forward the link to someone you know. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/2Qp1SU6

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