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BREAKING NEWS: This story continues to unfold as we discover that many more people, than we originally knew about, came forth to rescue 634 individuals called hens. These 634 hens are alive right now because of the heroic work of a slew of sanctuaries (listed below) as well the fast action of a hastily assembled team of animal activists. And, get this, the farmer himself helped get his animals to safety, reaching out to animal activists and sanctuaries and describing the process as a liberation. On Thursday, July 9th, about 220 of the hens arrived in rescue trucks at the Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary in San Luis Obispo, California. Now, that small sanctuary is appealing for your help to feed and care for 220 of these liberated lady chickens! Please give by clicking here! Also, if you can adopt any of the 220 hens, contact: Zoe@HappyHen.org. Feel free to contact the other sanctuaries as well. Now, watch this story, as it unfolds on this #JaneUnChained #LIVE video, even as the rescue trucks were still driving! Two live guests who speak on this live video, Kery Shaw and Terran Vincent Baylor, were very involved in coordinating the rescues as part of their philanthropy initiative called The Stolen Lives Project.

Due to the race against time, and individuals working from around the nation, this story’s details have changed repeatedly and are still unfolding.

A cluster of hens who made it out alive. Each an individual who experiences a range of emotions and wants to live!

Here’s what is emerging from witness accounts. The rescuers say they heard about a Northern California egg farmer who was supposed to “de-populate” his hens. De-population is a made-up term that tries to minimize the horror of farmers having to kill their own animals en masse. This is happening a lot because COVID-19 is spreading in slaughterhouses, causing some killing facilities to either completely close down or slow down, as workers get sick and, even, die. This has resulted in a backlog in the morally bankrupt mass killing system that is factory farming. “De-population,” sometimes falsely described as “euthanasia,” is a gut-wrenching process. It’s some of the worst footage ever recorded. Obviously, it’s something that can be very emotionally draining for farmers. This particular farmer didn’t want to kill the animals he raised. So, he sent word out that he had hundreds of hens available for the taking, no charge. Rescuers from various farmed animal sanctuaries (listed just below) raced into action! All told, they managed to get about 634 hens out. Here is list, compiled and sent to us by a rescuer, of the sanctuaries that heroically rose to this challenge. Kudos to all the staffers and volunteers who took part! You are my heroes.

July 4th – liberated 131
Herd & Flock Sanctuary (Vacaville, CA) 35 hens – herdandflockanimalsanctuary.org
Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, 96 hens – scanimalshelter.org
July 7th – liberated 163
Herd & Flock (Vacaville, CA) 60 hens – herdandflockanimalsanctuary.org
Harvest Home Sanctuary (Stockton, CA) 3 special needs hens – harvesthomesanctuary.org
100 hens went to Oregon/Washington sanctuaries:
Jill’s Farm Animal Sanctuary – jillsfarm.org
Sunset Sanctuary – facebook.com/SunsetSanctuary
Wildlings Forest Sanctuary -number of hens unknown
July 8th – liberated 120 
Herd & Flock Sanctuary (Vacaville, CA) 40 hens – herdandflockanimalsanctuary.org
Sanctuary that wishes to remain anonymous, 80 hens
*Clorofil – clorofil.org (Did all health checks for all Herd & Flock rescues 2 days in 100+ degree heat)
Eilan Keister and Erin Ersoy organized:
Happy Hen Sanctuary, 220 hens
Charlie Acres (Sonoma) transported and housed them for 1 night. Their volunteer (Kim Kunst, who also adopted 6 hens, 3 of these are special needs hens) drove the birds to Happy Hen Sanctuary in San Luis Obispo.

According to one witness, who was rescuing hens, the farmer himself helped the activists remove the animals from his farm and called the process a liberation. A team of social media mavens, in New York, LA and Portland, worked Facebook/Instagram and phones to bring it all together. JaneUnChained News Network helped to coordinate the move. Now, we need to get homes for them!!! Help via this GoFundme page! Also, if you can adopt, contact: Zoe@HappyHen.org

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You can see that some of the hens are missing feathers. They will need veterinary care. Please help.

We’d like to mention some names. There are so many more folks who helped. But, here are a few.

John Flores, Kery Shaw, Terran Baylor, Kaleigh Rhoads, Tracy Vogt, Eilan Keister, Erin Ersoy, Zoe Rosenberg, Kim Kunst, Linda Middlesworth, Lisa Karlan. Others helped, but some prefer not to be mentioned. They are heroes all!

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