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OLYMPIAN SAYS: Ditch Dairy from USDA Guidelines!

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OLYMPIAN SAYS: Ditch Dairy from USDA Guidelines!

Dotsie Bausch: Olympic cyclist, documentary star and vegan activist. In 2012, she made Olympic history, stepping onto the podium to get her silver Olympic medal at age 39  – “the oldest ever in her discipline and one of the oldest athletes to ever compete in an Olympic Games,”  notes blogger Rich Roll.

Back then, Dotsie was vegetarian. Now, she’s full on vegan and has set her sights on a new goal: to get the USDA to ditch dairy from its dietary guidelines. Why? “What happened after I made the switch was nothing short of extraordinary. It was kind of magical. I wasn’t expecting it, but my performance improved drastically, and I knew there was no turning back.” In the hit film The Game Changers, Dotsie says she became like “a machine”… at least athletically!  We call her a superwoman!

Now, let Dotsie tell you about her Switch4Good.org non-profit and her campaign to get the USDA to stop pushing dairy as a recommended food group. Please help by signing a letter to the USDA and HHS with one simple clicking this hyperlink! DO IT NOW. WE ONLY HAVE UNTIL AUGUST 15, 2020.

By going to clicking on this hyperlink, you can send the letter below in less than 10 seconds! We have only a few days to meet the deadline. Do it now!

To the USDA and HHS:

For the health of our nation, I urge you to remove dairy as a recommended food group in the upcoming 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines. The Scientific Report of the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee states that nutrition is more critical than ever before given the current COVID-19 pandemic, and it is your duty to protect American citizens by offering sound dietary recommendations that are applicable to all—regardless of race or economic standing. Dairy compromises one’s health and disproportionately affects people of color (many of whom are lactose intolerant).

The crisis we face is now. It is not for “future direction,” as the Committee’s report alludes to. Right now, thirty-six percent of the American population is lactose intolerant, and as the report states, this number will only increase given the projected racial and ethnic diversity of our great nation (between 70-95 percent of Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, and Askenazi Jews are lactose intolerant). It is not fair to inform the American people that dairy is healthy when over one-third of them cannot digest it.

Further, it is absurd to offer an alternative option without educating people as to why they should choose the alternative. Yes, soy is mentioned within the dairy section, but it is not clear as to why anyone would choose this when dairy is promoted so heavily. Many people do not recognize their bloating, gas, and stomach pain as lactose intolerance—some even believe it may be IBS. Many people also do not know that all dairy contains 15 different bovine hormones, or that several of its components (Neu5gc, D-galactose, trans and saturated fats) promote inflammation. If dairy is still to be included as a food group, the guidelines must include explicit education on alternatives and explain why dairy may not be suitable for everyone.

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Finally, non-dairy alternatives need to be available across all public institutions—including schools. For many children—especially those from low-income families—school lunches are a significant portion of their daily nutrition. Without an alternative to cow’s milk, they are forced to decide between going hungry or consuming a beverage that will fill them up but make them sick.

Right now, approximately 118.2 million people are susceptible to the negative effects of ingesting dairy. This number is going to increase, and we cannot wait to make changes five years from now when the next update is scheduled. When the guidelines don’t work for 118.2 million people, in the nation that stands for equal opportunity and equality, the system needs to change.

Thank you for taking my comment into consideration. I hope you will do what is best for the health of our nation and remove dairy from the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines.


Many of the world’s top athletes, including weightlifters, are now vegan! The popular film The Game Changers documents this!
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