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Ethical Consumer: Companies Embrace Vegonomy!

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Ethical Consumer: Companies Embrace Vegonomy!

cruelty-free deodorant

Ethical Consumers are Making an Impact

Canadian entrepreneur Margaux Khoury seeks to join forces with vegan, cruelty-free, ethical consumers, who also want to enjoy the perks of beauty products. That’s why Margaux has developed a beauty product that will keep you smelling sweet while simultaneously healing the planet. Impact Veganic’s new deodorant takes animal abuse out of the equation. The biodegradable container gives back to the Earth by eliminating waste. Margaux says her company even goes a step further, pledging to donate after-tax profits to organizations working for animal liberation. Khoury explains her corporate giving model and her hope that other vegan, cruelty-free companies follow suit. That would be exciting news for the Vegonomy!

“It’s a lifestyle by where we aim to do the least amount of harm that’s practically possible.” Khoury explains her dedication to veganism. “I looked at my veganism as a lifestyle. If I’m going to live in alignment with my true values for this earth, and how plastic is destroying this earth, it had to be biodegradable. Honestly, that should be the bare minimum. Because it is possible.”

Khoury says her products give people the option to align morals with actions and advocate for the earth and animals through purchases.

Impact says it recently teamed up with Nation Earth, promising to donate profits towards their mission of creating documentaries that explain the need to switch to a plant-based, cruelty-free culture.

Check out Jane Velez-Mitchell’s interview with Margaux Khoury!

Vote with Our Dollars

Jane Velez-Mitchell reminds us all how we can show the market what we want by participating in the Vegonomy. Seeking out vegan hairdressers, gardeners, and all sorts of daily products allows us to support individuals making an effort to change the world. By showing companies that the demand is up, the supply will have to adjust. Khoury explains how consumers are looking for ethical options: “Consumers are interested in having their money go even further because they know that things are harming our earth.”

Khoury made some fascinating calculations: “If 1% of all vegans alone in the United States switched their deodorant, we’ll donate 4 million dollars to animal liberation.”

the Impact Team
This is the team behind Impact, the cruelty-free, ethical, plastic-free deodorant whose profits go towards charities working to rid the planet of the destructive animal agriculture industry.

The Power of the Ethical Purse

Khoury shares the importance of systemic change. While, as consumers, we have the ability to cast our vote with our dollar, companies must go beyond.

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“We can vote with our dollars as consumers, but it’s up to companies to provide ethical products” she explains. “If companies offer only this option, or only sustainable, ethical options, that’s what consumers have to choose.

Consumerism’s Impact

Impact Veganic’s low-footprint deodorant has the power to impact companies everywhere by encouraging a shift in the corporate model. The situation is dire, and companies must be willing to make changes soon.

“If we don’t have an Earth–if wild animals are going extinct in the next few years, humanity is next. If that happens, why own companies at all? Why have money? Why have profit? We need to do something, and we need to do it now,” Khoury states.

“We’ve formulated so much that’s coming down the pipeline through impact. Deodorant’s just the first one.” Says Khoury.

tight shot of Impact deodorant packaging
This deodorant does the job without all the unnecessary cruelty, plastics and other thoughtless aspects of traditional brands.
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