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Three Vegan Restaurants Under One Roof!

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Three Vegan Restaurants Under One Roof!

Pull over when you see this sign and get your vegan feast on!

JaneUnChained LIVE at the BRAND NEW Colony “smart kitchen” in West Los Angeles featuring The Jackfruit Cafe, Compton Vegan, and Bodhi Bowl. Let’s take a sneak peek inside this revolutionary business concept using technology to streamline the customer experience with our friend of JaneUnchained Angela Means Kaaya of Jackfruit Café. Come contribute to the Vegonomy and support these absolutely delicious amazing vegan businesses! Compton Vegan just opened TODAY and JackFruit Café will be open December 4th at 11a.m.- 10pm. Bodhi Bowl will be open on December 9th! Stay tuned!

Come get your Special Jackfruit Cafe Colony Combo this Wednesday, Dec. 4th!

Yes, you heard that right! You can indulge in 3 different vegan restaurants all under one roof right past the 405 freeway heading west towards the beach! Angela who is always an angel to JaneUnchained News gives us a tour behind the scenes of her brand new sparkling vegan kitchen. This is just one of 20 other kitchens in this facility! The concept is to come in and order from an electronic kiosk or you can order online ahead of time. You can choose to pick up or dine in. There is even a drive-thru window for orders to be picked up if you are on the go! Come by and get Angie‘s special Colony plate with 2 tacos and vegan wings. We are excited and drooling already to come and order a vegan feast at this revolutionary restaurant co-op just in time for the New Year!

Angela pictured with the manager of Colony, Ryan, and the owner of Colony Nick!
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We are so excited to come to support this amazing vegan woman, celebrity, and activist for the animals, Angie!

Cesar Asebedo reporting LIVE for JaneUnchained News!

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Pictures courtesy of Cesar Asebedo and Angela Means Kaaya’s Instagram page.

Angela shows off her brand new sparkling 100% VEGAN kitchen!

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