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Vegan Meal Delivery: VEESTRO

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Vegan Meal Delivery: VEESTRO

vegan food delivery Chilaquiles

An Affordable, Healthy, Delicious Vegan Meal Delivery You’ll Love

Who wants easy, delicious plant-based food delivered to your door? It’s vegan meal delivery time and on this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE we have Monica Klausner, Co-Founder & CMO of Veestro, the fully-prepared, 100 % plant-based meals delivery service.  Monica shows us several examples of the beautiful meals they deliver while Paige Parsons Roache taste tests them.  Sometimes we just want convenience, or sometimes we need a little nudge to help us on our weightloss or healthier lifestyle journey, and Veestro is there to help!



How the seed was planted:

When Mark was in banking, he daily found himself in the modern dilemma: time-starved and hungry. The fast meals weren’t healthy. The healthy meals weren’t fast. To some, it’s a problem. To Mark, it’s a business need. 

So after he left the corporate world, he began putting his business skills into a business people were hungry for. He raised funds, negotiated contracts, built a facility, and called on the beat marketing and salesperson he knows. His sister Monica. Together, they created Veestro.

Feeding Your Happy:

Mark and Monica had grown up in Costa Rica where fresh home-cooked meals with tons of vegetables and fruit were the daily normal. It’s also where the happy and healthy outlook called pura vida was a way of life.

Now Mark and Monica are bringing pura vida to modern American life. Veestro is about what feeds us, body and soul-delicious, organic, healthy, sustainable food from plants. And it’s fully prepared for any time we need to eat it. Mark and Monica like to think of Veestro as pura vida, right to your doorstep.  And feeding your happy makes them very happy. 

Sign up for a membership. Choose one meal or several. Gift a membership to a friend. Send a meal to someone you love. Share the deliciousness!

A discount of 25% off with CODE: GIRLPOWER

Website is https://www.veestro.com/


Mark and Monica
Mark and Monica, Owners of Veestro.


Vegan Food Delivery:  There Are So Many Reasons It’s Fabulous!

Vegan meal delivery is awesome and so convenient and helpful for many different reasons.  For one, it would come in handy during the current Pandemic we are all living through…when told to stay at home as much as possible, having fully prepared healthy vegan meals delivered sure is convenient and helpful.  Or, if you are having trouble with your weight loss goals, and portion control, a food delivery service like Veestro could really be beneficial.  They even have a program specifically for weight loss with approximately 1200 calories a day for three meals.  How awesome is that?  Or maybe some days you are just lazy (like me).  Nothing wrong with that…just order some Veestro!

Here are a few examples of the vegan food delivered from Veestro:


vegan food delivery

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You can choose the number of meals you want to order, and the price drops the more meals you choose.  Go on a subscription or do a one-time order.  The choices are all yours.

Let’s See Some Of The Meals Paige Taste Tested

Paige had the opportunity to taste test several different Veestro meals on this episode of #LunchBreakLIVE.  How lucky was she!  The food from Veestro looks so delicious, I mean REALLY tasty!


Vegan Turkish Meatballs
Vegan Turkish Meatballs from Veestro.


vegan food delivery Chilaquiles
Vegan Chilaquiles by Veestro.


Try Veestro For All Your Vegan Food Delivery Needs!

I am looking forward to giving Veestro a try and having some delicious and healthy vegan meals delivered right to my door.  If you want to learn more about Veestro be sure to check out the interview with them done by Elysabeth Alfano.  It’s pretty great!  Until next time…keep cookin’…or grab some vegan delivery!




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