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Vegan Dating – 3 Ways to Find Your Soulmate on Clubhouse

Vegan Dating – 3 Ways to Find Your Soulmate on Clubhouse

vegan dating on clubhouse

Vegan Dating – 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Clubhouse To Find Vegan Singles

vegan dating on clubhouse

The joys of vegan dating…. I know the struggle trust me.  Let me introduce you to Clubhouse.

Back in Feb 2021, I started using Clubhouse in the middle of yet another lockdown in Canada, and it was seriously life-changing for me! 

Being stuck indoors, during the wintertime, with no social contact with friends and family was incredibly hard.  So when I discovered Clubhouse, it was my new form of entertainment and it helped me feel connected with people, as opposed to feeling isolated.

I connected with so many incredible people and it truly helped me in so many ways. I developed authentic friendships with people who I talk to almost on a daily basis.  

I’m even planning a series of vegan retreats in 2022 with a couple of women I met on Clubhouse and I’m super excited about that.  We probably would have never crossed paths if it weren’t for Clubhouse.

I’m all about creating new opportunities to help vegan singles connect, so I started a Club on Clubhouse (Vegan Cupid’s Corner) and started hosting weekly rooms. My clients started actually meeting other vegan singles in my rooms, and going on dates! 

After being on Clubhouse for several months, I can honestly say that, in my opinion, it’s a great alternative to a traditional dating app.  I really wish it would have been around when I was single and looking!

Audio Based App

One of the reasons why Clubhouse is so powerful is because it’s an audio-based app.  People can’t see your face, so there is way less pressure to “look your best”, and people tend to feel more comfortable.

Instead of just seeing a picture and a short bio you HEAR people’s voices. when they are speaking on the stage of course! 

Hearing someone’s voice is so much more powerful than just a picture and text.  


Because you can tell a lot about someone’s vibe from their tone, how they express themselves, and their emotions. 

Common Interests

I’m sure you know that finding the right partner isn’t an easy task…. just because someone is vegan, it doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you! Don’t get me wrong, finding a partner who shares your value, morals, and ethics is a GREAT starting point, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s important to find a match you can connect with on a variety of things, such as a common interest.

Clubhouse has something for everyone! Into organic gardening? There are rooms with people talking about that.  Into adventure traveling? There are rooms for that as well.  You get my point, whatever your interest is, there is probably a room/club for it.  JaneUnChained News has a weekly Clubhouse every Thursday at 11am pacific! It’s part of the largest vegan community on Clubhouse called the PlantBased Food + Wellness Club!  Sign up for that too!

Chances are that if you’re in a very niche room, and you find someone who catches your eye, you’ll probably vibe well with them. Or…. maybe not. But, you know what? It’s a much better chance than randomly swiping based on a picture.

Social Proof

When you’re on a dating app you never truly know if someone’s profile is real and if you’re messaging with a REAL person… you know what I’m talking about! 

On Clubhouse when someone is speaking on stage, listen very carefully to what they are saying, it will reveal a lot about who they are.   

See Also

If someone is a moderator, they have been vetted by the host / other moderators, so that means they are a real person, respected and trusted by other people.  

While they are speaking on stage, or even just in the audience, you can also check out their Clubhouse bio, IG and Twitter accounts to vet them as a real legit person.  

If they have a very small number of followers and are only following a handful of people and your gut is telling you something seems shady, listen to it!

As a vegan matchmaker and dating coach who’s been helping vegan singles find love for over 10 years, I am truly passionate and I live and breathe vegan dating, love, and relationships.

I truly hope that I’ve convinced you to give Clubhouse a try. 

If you want some help on how to get started with the app, creating a profile, developing authentic connections, speaking on stage, having your profile reviewed, I have you covered. 

I created a 5 day course that will help you feel confident and ready to find high-quality matches on Clubhouse.

ps. I’m also a total foodie, check out the LunchBreakLive I did, it was so much fun!


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